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This compilation album contains some of the music by Ingo Vogelmann out of 10 years (2003 to 2013), including rarities. All tracks are re-mastered. Take your time listening, you’ll need it.



Everything is Forever

The Great Escape

Bandcamp (high quality lossless file download)


Ingo Vogelmann’s album, The Great Escape, has been a labor of love, years if not a lifetime in the making. Sometimes an artist just has to wait until the right time to put it all together, and that time has certainly come.

Each of the albums 5 tracks are meticulously crafted with perfect sonic balance and pleasing subtle nuances. Like all of Ingo’s productions there is a precision that is most commonly reserved to describe his birth nations fine automobiles, yet here Ingo also shows us a playful side (particularly in Planet of the Grapes) with it’s bouncy arpeggios and skipping percussion.

The Great Escape is an absolute pleasure to listen to and from a listeners perspective it is very easy to hear the care and emotion that went into these songs.

— Josh Abrams, Recording / Mixing Engineer, L.A.

Knights Templar – Leopard Heart (Ingo Vogelmann Remix)


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