Brad Frost: “90% on the internet is bullshit”

And I firmly believe that he’s absolutely right.

Terrible speaker (“right?”), but funny, sad and very interesting — even if not very surprising — facts. Everyone on the internet should watch this and contemplate on it. Daily. Hourly. Every minute. Before you create content.

Right? 😀

Visit Brad Frost on the net.

Brad, in case you read this: you know you’ve got to work on your stage presence, right? Good work tho. 😉

Cover Art Factory

Have Cover Art Factory design your, erm … cover art. Upload a pic and let them do the rest. In a nutshell.

What sounds like a cool thing might be one step more into the “automated art” direction, just like “automated audio mastering”. I’m very suspicious about all this, but in this case here I think it’s better to have it done nicely instead of all those cheesy, shit looking “artworks” I’m seeing every day. Not even mentioning the myriads of stolen photography.

Worth a try, me thinks. Well, not for me (or my label), but I guess for a lot of you folks this could come in handy.

“Real Progressive House” vs. “Weird Techy Drug Music”

A few days ago I have been accused by this gentleman of being an offensive and unfair person. I would agree on the “offensive” part. Unfair? Subject to discussion.

I’m afraid (not) I have to be offensive again. Because of this:


In “my scene” — which includes real Progressive House — it’s a lot about weird techy music that functions as the drug. And yes, people occasionally do amplify this experience with drugs, like in any other scene.*

Stupid cunt. Progressive House is older than you.

What kind of drugs have you taken (or which ones did you miss to take)?

*I’m not promoting nor supporting drug abuse. But I do support the thought of letting people do whatever they want, as long as they don’t harm others.

Life Hacks

I really think all those  “XX [fill in stuff] that will make you speechless (or whatever)” articles have become the new Web 3.0 pest, or whatever you want to call it. Money making bullshit for a generation of cheap TV shows infected retards that believe everything they see.

But hey, this is really great:

The 46 Most Brilliant Life Hacks Every Human Being Needs To Make Life Easier.

Gig Databases

Yea. As a touring (or even a local) DJ, something to enter your upcoming gigs into so that it gets noticed on the web is essential, in my very humble opinion.

There seem to be endless providers for that already, and I’ve been through some of them in the past few years. Some of them are free, some not. And — as always — free or not, it says nothing about the quality of the service. That’s my observation, at least.

So, after all those years, one or the other might be surprised who is my winner:


They were actually the first one years ago I jumped on, then they got acquired by SonicBids and I thought things went south from this moment on. And this was the case for a while, until SonicBids seemed to have thought it might be a good idea to maintain the service a bit and add a few new features.

Today, artistdata is so rich and packed with features that I can’t list everything here in a post. I recommend you check it out yourself. Oh, and it’s one of the free services.

You can see my gigs as an embedded iCal feed in the sidebar on the right beside this article. But the whole service offers a lot more options. I guess you can spend an entire day configuring this, and admittedly, its user-friendliness is not the total winner. But once you get used to it it’s easy.

They also provide an “ArtistData Profile” page, which collects all the stuff about you and showcases it, but well … the design is pretty “limited”. But better than nothing. 😉

Welcome to the NEW official website/blog/page/whatnot

So yeah, I was pretty much done with posting articles (blogging). It took too much time, and I will still not be posting lots of stuff now. What I did was sending my Facebook Fan page updates to this blog … which made it a bit of a robot thing. No real life in it, everything was automated and not always really appropriate. So, from now on it will be much less, but it will be handwritten by myself. I will still aggregate very little stuff, though.

Also, I killed my main website. A blog/website hybrid just makes more sense, plus it’s all SEO optimized and all this. It simply makes more visitors and is less work. I’m in the process of transferring all domains, but I also registered new ones, so the main domain is now

I generally want to keep things short and simple, more and more.

I’m also tired of maintaining a server, so this is all WordPress-hosted but with my own domains. Same goes for my label L2 Music:

I guess, much shorter isn’t possible. 🙂

I will continue optimizing all of this and make the all-over experience better. All the pics you see in the header (rotating) are to 90% (or 95) my own. For the others I have permission.

I like all this so far, but I’m sure it will change here and there, and of course, I’m happy for every kind of feedback and inspiration.

Thanks for your attention. 🙂