Falcons hunting Crows

… out of the perspective of the Falcons. Yes, really.

WARNING: If you love Crows a lot, you may not watch this.

I do love them, but I’m fine with it since this is nature and natural behavior. Falcons hunt Crows all the time. I understand, though, if you find that disturbing. Then again, remember … Crows also attack other animals (mammals) and kill them. Circle of life.

Official Music Video: Singvøgel – Aus Atlantis

Karan: vocals, guitars, bass, flute, piano, lyrics, composition
Duke Meyer: vocals, guitars, bass, lyrics, composition
Sven Scholz: drums, percussion, composition
Ingo Vogelmann: production, recording, mix, mastering
All: arrangement, additional composition

Video: Diana Kennedy – Atelier d’Art Diana Kennedy