AudioKit Releases FREE Retro Piano App For iOS

Retro Piano by AudioKit

AudioKit has released Retro Piano, a free acoustic piano app for iPhone and iPad. The app is will be available as a free download in the App Store until August 31st, 2020. Retro Piano is based on the AudioKit engine, a free platform for building sample-based instruments for iOS devices. It is an acoustic piano […]

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Ctrlr Patch Saver VST plugin for Behringer Odyssey, Poly D, Neutron, Pro-1, K2 and Model D

Ctrl Behringer Odyssey editorThis Patch Saver for the Behringer Odyssey and their other analogue synthesizers will let you visually store patches within your projects so you can recall a patch by manually repositioning the sliders. There’s no support for the loading of programs or manipulation of parameters by MIDI on these synths.


Ctrlr is a comprehensive open-source MIDI editor with a large library of panels to provide computer editing of synths like the Roland Boutiques, Yamaha Reface, Korg synths and many more from classics to recent arrivals. My attention was first drawn to Ctrlr because they’ve just released a panel for the Behringer Odyssey and I discovered that they’ve got these incredibly useful patch panels for all of Behringers recent analogue clones. Except, of course, that these are not MIDI editors because the parameters within these synths don’t actually respond to MIDI.

MIDI Control?

It’s easy to assume when a product says it has “Comprehensive USB/Midi implementation” that you can actually address parameters and save/recall patches via sequencer or editor. But that’s not the case. On the Behringer analogue synths the MIDI implementation amounts to note on/off, glide time, pitch bend and transport controls on the sequencer. That’s not unusual for an analogue synthesizer but not obvious from the marketing.

Ctrlr also offers similar Patch Saver panels for the Moog Grandmother and Dreadbox Erebus.

Patch Saving

So the idea is to provide a graphical interface onto which you can map out your patch and save it with your project. It will save and recall any global MIDI parameters that the synth might support and the parameters within the plugin are MIDI controllable but of course, this has no effect at all on the connected Behringer analogue synthesizer. But when you open up your project again at a later date you have a wonderful graphic representation of your patch and you can get busy setting all the parameters back to what they were. You can also export your patches and share them with other users. It’s quite brilliant really.

Ctrlr is free to use and available for Mac and PC as a VST or AU plugin.

More information

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Free Beat Making Software

Free Beat Making Software

Making beats using free VST plugins and other music production software has never been easier. There are hundreds of excellent virtual instruments and effects you can use, but it takes time to find the right ones. Here’s our list of the best free beat making software for aspiring music producers. A beatmaker’s software kit needs […]

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Download Free ‚ÄúCreepy Wind Sounds At Night‚ÄĚ Sound Library

Download Free "Creepy Wind Sounds At Night" Sound Library

Free To Use Sounds has released Creepy Wind Sounds At Night, a freely downloadable wind sound effects library in WAV and FLAC formats. Creepy Wind Sounds At Night is available as a “pay what you want product” on Free To Use Sounds’ Bandcamp page. However, there’s no minimum payment required. This means that you can […]

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Nembrini Audio releases Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier plugin

Nembrini Audio Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar AmplifierThe new Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier Plugin is the latest virtual software guitar amp from Nembrini Audio. The amp is based on ‘American-style’ guitar tones and can be currently had at a fantastic introductory price. Read on to find out what the plugin is all about.

Nembrini Audio Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier

The new Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier Plugin from Nembrini Audio is based on a high volume American-style amp circuit, and is able to get clean sounds as well as rich distortions. The amp emulates two 100 Watt dual channels, each with its own independent controls for volume and EQ.

Channel A focuses on a “pure American” clean sound and has standard VOLUME and EQ controls. Channel B however, has separate master VOLUME¬†and¬†GAIN controls, thus allowing for more distortion from the preamp section, and getting rich overdriven tones.

Nembrini Audio Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier

Nembrini Audio Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier with Cab & Microphone options

Cabinets & Microphones

With a choice of six guitar cabs and four microphone emulations, you get plenty of flexibility. And, not only can you set the mics in position, but also switch between on-axis and off-axis, a great and simple way of changing the amp’s tone. The plug-in also enables various mixer settings for the virtual microphone signals.

The Impulse Loader loads up to three impulse responses and also supports third-party IR files, and has controls for VOLUME, PAN, and PHASE. It is also possible to solo and mute individual effects. The built-in browser gives you easy access to your IR files, making it simple to create your own virtual setups within the plugin.

To round off the sound, you can use a¬†NOISE GATE and¬†CLEANER to control any undesirable frequencies that may be too harsh or those that ‚Äúrumble‚ÄĚ in the low end frequency spectrum.

Specification and price

Until 30 June¬†2020, Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier is available from the manufacturer’s website at an introductory price of $29, after which it will go up to the regular $137.¬†The plug-in runs on¬†OSX 10.9 (or higher) and Windows 7 (or higher), in VST, VST3, AAX,¬†and¬†AU formats. For authorization, you will need a free iLok¬†account (or dongle).

You can check out the plugin in action in the video below, or click the link to download a demo version and PDF user manual, if you want to try it out before paying for it.

RRP РIntroductory Price USD 29 until 30 June and then USD 137

More Information


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ZamplerSounds Releases FREE ‚ÄúThe Trickster‚ÄĚ For MPC

The Trickster by ZamplerSounds

ZamplerSounds has released The Trickster, a free expansion library for Akai MPC. They are also offering 70 premium Zampler soundbanks as fully-fledged MPC expansions. Also, BPB readers can get 20% OFF their ZamplerSounds order with the discount code BPBZAMPLER until the end of July. The Trickster is a sound library designed for dubstep, trap, and […]

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Fundamental: Hainbach The VST Plugin

SonicLab FundamentalElectronic musician Hainbach has been working with SonicLab to produce Fundamental which aims to capture all that old test equipment Hainbach makes music on and present it as a thoroughly dynamic plugin dripping with character and possibility.


Hainbach is a Berlin-based composer and fiddler with electronic equipment. You’ll find him stretching tape around rooms filled with vintage test equipment, old German vacuum oscillators, VU meters and knobs the size of your fist. He’s turned the manipulation of electricity and voltage for the purposes of musical endeavour into an art form. Quite how you stuff that into a plugin is anyone’s guess but Sinan B√∂kesoy of SonicLab is going to give it a go.


This is a sound synthesis plugin that combines all sorts of vintage gear, processors and noise machines that Hainbach uses in his music but into a graspable, creative and usable form. At the heart is a faithful reproduction of a vintage Rohde&Schwartz vacuum tube oscillator which was widely used by Stockhausen. SonicLab then multiplies by eight and bakes in all sorts of complex modulation and stochastic distributions to fiddle around with the parameters.

This sums it up nicely:

Fundamental feels like something Stockhausen, Xenakis and HAL 9000 might have dreamed up after a bender: recalling the past of electronic music through a dynamic modern reinterpretation of a massive german vacuum oscillator.

It looks a bit intimidating but inside you have some polymorphing wavetable synthesis, 4 dynamic wavetables for each voice representing the tiny frequency steps of the oscillator, 4 stochastic modulators for each voice and independent AR envelopes. Each of the 8 voices has it’s own frequency, gain, boost panning and modulation settings.

How does it sound? Fascinating, raw, throbbing, textured and epic would be good words I think.

There’s a free demo of Fundamental available for a 4-day trial. Otherwise, it’s available now for VST3, AU and standalone for ‚ā¨49 for a while and ‚ā¨69 after that.

More information

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Fuse Audio Labs VBP bundle: 5 new virtual stompboxes for your DAW

Fuse Labs Audio VBP Bundle of virtual stompboxesFuse Audio Labs presents us with a new software virtual effect pedal package with four new effects packaged as the VBP bundle. One distortion pedal is provided as freeware for those on a tight budget.

Freeware included

Fuse Audio Lab’s VBP bundle includes five new emulations of well-known stomp boxes in a virtual format. Included in the package is Big-Sur, a¬†distortion effect¬†with a hint of¬†fuzz. This effect is absolutely free and could be useful for many situations and not just guitar. After the demo period has ended, you can continue to use this emulation without any restrictions.

Virtual Stompboxes

El-Germano is a tribute to classic drive-based germanium transistors from the 1960s. This gives you the typical vintage sound in your DAW. Octafish is, of course, an octave effect. It brings you more depth, generating a sub-octave copy of your audio signal. Gate-320 is an easy-to-use noise gate. The special feature here is a neat little hold function.

The last effect in the collection is the¬†Chorus-65. Fuse Audio says it’s got a vintage character in the vein of analogue bucket brigade sound.¬†All effects have been enhanced with some added useful functions, like¬†dry/wet¬†and¬†oversampling. This looks like a nice little package with helpful, high-quality effects. Having Big Sur as a freebie will certainly widen its appeal. You can apply these effects to more than just guitars, too.


Fuse Audio Labs VBP bundle is available in the manufacturer’s web shop at a price of¬†16.75 Euros¬†.¬†The plug-ins run on¬†Mac OSX 10.9 or higher¬†and¬†Windows 7 or higher¬†as¬†VST, VST3, AAX¬†and¬†AU¬†¬†in¬†32 or 64 bit. You can also download a limited demo version from the developer’s website, just follow the link below. I have popped some audio demos in below so you can hear some examples of each effect in action.

RRP – EUR 16.75

More Information

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iZotope Ozone 9 Elements Is FREE Until June 30th!

iZotope Ozone 9 Elements

Plugin Boutique is offering the Ozone 9 Elements ($129 value) mastering suite by iZotope as a free download for all registered users (registration is free). Ozone 9 Elements was already available as a freebie download in another deal we featured in our news section recently. If you missed that offer, here’s another chance to claim […]

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Fuse Audio Labs Releases FREE Big-Sur Diode Clipper Plugin

Big Sur by Fuse Audio Labs

Fuse Audio Labs has released Big-Sur, a freeware guitar distortion pedal in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac. Big-Sur is a freeware emulation of a diode clipper guitar pedal. There’s no information on which specific guitar stompbox is emulated, but the plugin seems to be […]

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