Exonic UK AI Master: AI-based mastering at the push of a button

Exonic UK AI MasterExonic UK AI Master must be the most minimalistic AI mastering plug-in yet. With only two buttons, AI Master promises to handle the complex task of mastering all by itself. Let’s hope that the mastering humanoid knows what heā€™s doing!

Exonic UK AI Master

Artificial intelligence is steadily transforming the world of mastering. That’s no coincidence. Mastering is an intricate task that takes people many years (sometimes a lifetime) to, well, master. But at its core, the complex process comes down to analyzing the material and making the appropriate choices, which is something that sufficiently intelligent algorithms and trained neural networks can be quite good at.

Over the past few years, several plug-ins have appeared that promise to give us magic mastering powers through the use of artificial intelligence, like the Eventide Elevate Bundle, iZotope Ozone’s Mastering Assistant or unconventional approaches like Zynaptiq Intensity. Many online mastering services rely on AI, as well. But most of these plug-ins and services still let you interact with the algorithms in one way or another or. At the very least, most let you choose from a variety of presets. That’s akin to letting a mastering engineer know what you want.

Mastering at the push of a button

Exonic UKā€™s new plug-in AI Master is different. The only thing it lets you do yourself is switch from the ANALYSE to the MASTER mode when it has finished listening to your track. Everything else takes place inside the mysterious web of algorithms, symbolized by the blank stare of a humanoid. The developer says that AI Master optimizes the dynamic range, spectral balance, stereo field and overall level, thereby preparing your tracks for distribution across multiple platforms. Which is typically what we expect when we hire someone for a mastering job.

Personally, I have a feeling that this might be taking it a bit too far. After all, a skilled mastering engineer may seem to work in mysterious ways, but he or she will surely listen to what you have to say. At the same time, Iā€™m intrigued and curious. If AI Master delivers convincing results, why not give it a chance?

Price and compatibility

Exonic UK AI Master costs GBP 69. You can download a free trial version, which is fully functional but introduces intermittent noises and mutes. The plug-in runs on Windows and macOS in VST, VST3 and AU formats (64 bit only).

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BPB Analog Kicks ā€“ 200 FREE Kick Samples From 6 Analog Machines

BPB Analog Kicks (Free Sample Pack)

Bedroom Producers Blog is proud to release BPB Analog Kicks, a free sample pack containing 200 kick drums from six different analog instruments. BPB Analog Kicks contains 200 kick drums that were sampled from the following six analog synthesizers and drum machines: Moog Minitaur; Vermona Kick Lancet; Arturia DrumBrute; Arturia DrumBrute Impact; Drumcomputer MFB-522; Korg […]

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Keepforest Releases FREE Trailer Percussion For Kontakt Player

Ferrum - Free Edition by Keepforest

Keepforest has released Ferrum – Free Edition, a free trailer percussion sound library for the freeware Kontakt Player plugin by Native Instruments. Ferrum – Free Edition is the free version of Keepforest’s forthcoming Ferrum sound library. The library is focused on modern cinematic percussion sounds, including cinematic impacts, hits, punches, anvils, and metallic foley. Ferrum […]

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AKAI MPK mini MK3 USB Keyboard controller: New keybed and more software

AKAI MPK mini MK3AKAI Professional has updated its popular MPK mini keyboard controller. The AKAI MPK mini MK3 features a new keybed, endless rotary knobs and an OLED display. It also comes with a comprehensive software package.


The AKAI MPK mini is one of the most popular backpack-sized USB keyboard controllers. With 25 keys, eight MPC-style pads and assignable knobs, it offers everything you need to control DAWs and software instruments on the go. Today, AKAI Professional has announced the third generation of the MPK mini. While the new MPK mini MK3 retains the same format and same basic layout, it does come with several improvements and new features.

The controller keyboard is available in three colors. In addition to the standard red and black MPK mini and the white version with inverted keys, you can now get the keyboard in an all blacked-out color scheme, which is a real eye-catcher.


The all-black version of the AKAI MPK mini MK3 is a real eye-catcher

For the first time in the MPK mini series, AKAI has added an OLED display to the keyboard controller. The manufacturer says that the display provides visual feedback about things like velocity, CC assignments and DAW mode selection.

Pads, knobs and DAW control aside, the MPK mini is still a keyboard. And according to AKAI, the keybed has been completely redesigned. The manufacturer also says the new Gen 2 keyboard delivers a natural and responsive performance for any playing style and virtual instrument.

Like the predecessor, the MPK mini MK3 features eight assignable rotary knobs. But they’re now endless encoders, which means that you won’t get any unwanted value jumps when switching between assignments. AKAI’s signature MPC-style pads are still there, of course, as is the MPK mini’s characteristic four-way joystick.


The rotary knobs are now endless encoders

The AKAI MPK mini MK3 comes with a comprehensive software package, so you can start producing right away. Not unexpectedly, they’ve included AKAI’s new free DAW MPC Beats, which lets you edit samples and make beats with an MPC-style workflow and can run as a VST/AU plug-in in other DAWs. They’ve also thrown in selected content from the MPC Beats expansion packs, as well as the software instruments AIR Hybrid, Mini Grand and Velvet.

The new MPK mini MK3 seems like a nice upgrade to a controller that already got many things right in the previous generations. I’m especially curious about the new keyboard, as 25-key mini keyboards with decent playability are still hard to find.

Price and availability

The AKAI MPK mini MK3 is available immediately. The keyboard controller retails for USD 99.

More information


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SampleScience Releases FREE Pianotone 600 Virtual Instrument

Pianotone 600 by SampleScience

SampleScience has introduced the Pianotone 600, a freeware virtual instrument featuring the sounds of the Jen Pianotone 600 electronic keyboard. Pianotone 600 is a sample-based instrument developed with Maize Sampler. It is powered by a 10 MB set of authentic Jen Pianotone 600 samples in 16-bit WAV format (not available separately). SampleScience used their standard […]

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Nembrini Audio releases the new MRH810 V2 Lead Series Guitar Amplifier plugin for a bargain launch price

MRH810-V2 Lead SeriesNembrini Audio’s new MRH810 V2 Lead Series Guitar Amplifier is a completely overhauled and re-written version of the original MRH810 plugin, andĀ is based on a very popular British all-tube 100 Watt amp head from the ’80s. And for a limited time, you can grab this plugin for a very reasonable introductory price.

Nembrini Audio MRH810 V2

The new updatedĀ MRH810 V2 fromĀ Nembrini AudioĀ has been completely re-written from the ground up to give you those classic ’80s JCM 800 tones we all know and love. I spent my formative guitar years wielding a Marshall JCM 800 half stack, and still have a soft spot for those glorious, though often deafening, amplifiers.

Nembrini Audio Legendary British 800 Guitar Amplifier

Nembrini Audio MRH810 V2

Cabinets Galore and more

The amp plugin has a clean and a lead channel, and is modelled with four 12AX7 and four EL34 virtual tubes. It includes the company’s new enhanced recording chain emulation, which has six well-selected cabinets, along with a selection of virtual microphones, which you can play around with and set up as on or off axis. This gives you a nice place to to start building your tones with. It also has an Impulse LoaderĀ that lets you load up to three 3rd-parties IRs at once. Once loaded, you can adjust theĀ VOLUME, PAN, PHASE, SOLO, and MUTE controls to blend the cabs to your taste.

And to tame this beast, there’s a built-in NOISE GATE, as well as a CLEANER circuit with controls for RUMBLING and HARSH.

Nembrini Audio allows you to play with microphone and cabinet settings

Nembrini Audio allows you to play with microphone and cabinet settings


You can grab the plugin for a fantastic introductory price of only $29 until August 17, after which it will go up to its regular price ofĀ $137. And for owners of the pervious version of the software, there is a special price ofĀ $9.99Ā using the code:Ā MRH810UPGRADE.

If you already own the original, I think this upgrade should not be overlooked. But even if you don’t, when you consider the introductory price, it’s well worth a punt.

The plugin runs on Mac or Windows inĀ VST2, VST3, AAX, or AudioUnitsĀ formats. You do need a free I-Lok account to authorise it. You can hear the plugin in action in the demo video below, or click the link to read the full specs.

RRP – USD 137 withĀ limited time offer of only USD 29 until 17 August

More Information


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iZotope RX 7 Elements Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique

RX 7 Elements by iZotope

Plugin Boutique offers the iZotope RX 7 Elements (€134 value) audio repair plugin as a free add-on with any purchase made in their online store throughout August. It’s barely been two weeks since our last article about iZotope’s recent deal for their VocalSynth 2 effect. At this point, it seems that iZotope and Plugin Boutique […]

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discoDSP Releases FREE OB-Xd 2.0 Virtual Synthesizer

OB-Xd 2.0 by discoDSP

discoDSP has released version 2.0 of OB-Xd, a freely downloadable virtual synthesizer (with optional $49 donation) for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux. OB-Xd emulates the Oberheim OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 analog synthesizers. It isn’t meant to be a 100% accurate recreation of the original instruments, but rather a close approximation in a […]

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SpectraLayers 7: More AI, less clicks for Steinbergā€™s spectral editor

Steinberg Spectralayers 7Spectral editing is the de-facto tool for fixing broken audio or going off the deep end in experimental sound design. Today, Steinberg released SpectraLayers 7, the 7th generation of its spectral editing toolkit. It comes in two variants – Pro 7 and Elements 7. Both cover the heavy lifting when it comes to post-production, sound design, mastering and restoration.

Steinberg SpectraLayers 7

The biggest addition in version 7 is the introduction of artificial intelligence. The new algorithms allow for functionality such as automatic pattern detection, clip repair, un-mixing tracks to stems, and further downmixing stems to their components. More processes are automated as well, such as click repair, hum removal, and precision spectral de-essing. Other improvements outside the AI scope include better ARA 2 integration, VST3 plug-in hosting, customizable UI luminocity, direct layer rendering, and others.

Back to AI-driven functionality, the new Pattern Finder is able to automatically find and select sounds similar to the target sound you selected. A Voice Denoiser recognizes and isolates human voice to help extract dialogue from recordings. The Transform Tool is now able to transform entire selections. As for the unmixing functionality – in addition to extracting different instruments into separate layers, stems can be further un-mixed down into tone, noise, and transient component layers.

All in all, Spectralayers 7 is pretty serious business! Steinberg is bringing powerful AI into the spectral editing field and it can only go further from here. I presume version 8 will be on the level of “black magic” when it comes to AI-driven automated processing. Not that SpectraLayers isn’t incredibly advanced as it is.

Price and availability

Available now from dealers and Steinberg’s own web store, Spectralayers Pro 7 and Elements 7 cost EUR 299 and EUR 80, respectively. If you activated the previous versions since July 6, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Various upgrade prices and updates are available in the Steinberg Online Shop.

More information

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Best free plug-ins this week: SuperflyDSP, Synsonics-V and Essentials Kick

Free plug-ins 08/02This week’s collection of the best free plug-ins brings you a bundle of four free modulation effects, an emulation of the obscure Mattel Synsonics drum synth from 1981 and an all-in-one kick drum enhancer. Here’s SuperflyDSP, Synsonics-V and Essentials Kick.

As always, head over to our huge archives for many more free plug-ins.


SuperflyDSP plug-insI had planned to include these four free plug-ins by SuperflyDSP in last week’s collection, but their website was down at that time. It’s back up now, which means that you should waste no time and download these four freebies, which include an auto-wah, a phaser, a tremolo and a chorus. All four plug-ins share the same design language and feature simple, but clear controls. It’s a great collection of four essential modulation effects, and it’s completely free.

The SuperflyDSP plug-ins are available for Windows, macOS and Linux in VST3 and AU formats.

Get the SuperflyDSP plug-ins here

Digital Systemic Emulations Synsonics-V

Digital Systemic Emulations Synsonics-VThe fact that it came from Mattel, otherwise known for barbie dolls and action figures, put the Synsonics squarely in the toy category when it came out in 1981. But the weird drum synth with four pads did have some surprisingly useful sounds and became known as the “poor man’s Simmons”. Digital Systemic Emulations has emulated the Synsonics for this free plug-in, and even made the sounds editable (which wasn’t possible on Mattel’s version). Get that early 80s retro vibe going!

Synsonics-V is available for Windows and macOS in VST and AU formats.

Get Synsonics-V here

KSHMR Essentials Kick

KSHMR Essentials KickDJ and producer KSHMR has released this free plug-in pulled from the KSHMR Essentials suite. It’s a kick drum enhancer armed with a bunch of one-knob processors for beefing up your bass drum sounds. You can shape the frequencies with the sub, mid and air modules, control the transients, add multi-band compression with the pressure module and apply saturation with the tape module. Looks like a quick and easy way to get that bass drum sound just right.

KSHMR Essentials Kick is available for Windows and macOS in VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Get KSHMR Essentials Kick here


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