Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy – 11 11 (FREE Download From Beatport!)

9953885Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy did a record together. Well, that’s the official version. When listening to the album — which is really good — I thought “apart from some speaking, differently pitched, what did Puff Daddy contribute?”. It’s almost too good to be a Puff Daddy record.

It’s not secret I don’t like Rap. I can enjoy very few Hip Hop, so Puff Daddy has never been of interest for me, and his version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” was offensive to me, since this was the tune I heard when my heart was first broken, a brilliant tune.

So, now Beatport is offering the album for FREE, and I guess for a limited time, and I guess it’s supposed to be a smart PR stunt. They even made it possible to download the high quality and lossless AIFF files (in case you download one by one).

Go grab your copy(ies)! It’s good music. Made by Guy Gerber, most probably. 😉

P.S.: This post is exactly what they intended, people talking about it, a PR stunt, as mentioned earlier.

POLL: How should my next album be?

Part of the artwork concept. Video still by John Sobek, artwork will be done by 3D artist Adam Martinakis.

As some of you know, I’m already working on my next album (which was due in 2013, sorry, I got “distracted” 😀 ), to be released in 2014, alongside my latest album THE GREAT ESCAPE. The new album shall be called “WHEREVER YOU ARE”, and I want to have great music videos and a stunning 3D artwork  for it, too.

I have lots of material and sketches/ideas already, so I’d have a lot to choose from, but I’m a bit unsure about the general direction for the album. This is why I ask you about your opinion/feeling.

Be a part of the creation process! What would you like to hear most? 🙂

10 Things they don’t tell Music Producers… til it’s too late

Very good article with a lot of truth inside.

If you are new to music production, or even if you’ve been poking around for a while, there are a number of things that you haven’t been told about making music. Depending on what angle you are taking to get into the music production game, you are likely either over preparing or under preparing for what lies ahead.

Sadly, many suffer from what they consider to be complete failure & thus give up. It is my belief that if they had this information ahead of time, they probably would have had the power to move through the rough spots. The following are 10 things I certainly wish I had known when I started (or even after 10 years in!)

via Music Software Training and Ableton Tutorial Videos.

Thank you, Jonah

I have been A&R’ing in the music industry for over a decade now, and I have to say: I’ve made excellent friends and was lucky to have awesome experiences. I’ve seen artists becoming “better”, more and more awesome, and even really successful (in economical terms) and being able to make a name for themselves by putting out amazing music, and I had the honor to accompany some of them. The list would be long … and one of them — who stands out in particular — is my friend Jonah Hakanson from Oregon, USA. I say “friend”, despite the fact that we never met in person, because I feel connected to him.

Jonah — and yes, I said that many times already, and I still mean it — is one of the most talented people out there. Not only with music, I think he’s a very talented writer/thinker, too. All his creative output is very inspiring. I’m happy that he asked me to be on my label again a few days back. I can’t wait to work with Jonah again, and release some of his work. It’s just way too good than not being released. Listen to what Jonah (and I) did in the past:

This is the Kassey Voorn remix:

And my remix:

Today Jonah said:

We can’t pretend we’re being heard when we aren’t. And, in order to be heard we have to be worth meeting. People in this music aren’t “pop stars” without personality. We have to be ready and willing to belong to an audience that wants to know us. Fuck the music. Music changes. This is about making people have a good time in a meaningful way. It’s about creating… making NEW things in the world. This is about being an artist. It’s about beauty. No amount of talk will change that.

I could never have said this any better.

And he said something else that really means a lot to me. It’s good to know, after so many years, that there are people appreciating what I do. Thank you, Jonah, it’s my pleasure and always has been. 🙂

2014-08-10 23_17_51-Jonah Hakanson - Now, this guy is awesome. He is not only an...

The job of an A&R Manager is to help an artist to transport art to the people. It’s a bit more complicated, but that’s it, in a nutshell. You have to feel someone and his art (in this case music). Art is language, expression, communication, and it’s able to jump across borders, easily. We all know that.

I’m a lucky guy. I said that many times before, but moments like this keep reminding me of that, again and again.



DJs and Mental Health: Electronic Music’s Last Taboo

One in four of us will struggle with mental health issues at some point in our life. It’s something however that a very small segment of the DJ community has spoken openly about. So how prevalent is it among the touring DJ scene, and why does it appear to be the last taboo to be broken?

Very interesting read.

via DJs and Mental Health: Electronic Music’s Last Taboo | DJBROADCAST.NET.