Best Sample Packs This Week: Emo beats, dubstep vocals, breakbeat drums

The Best New Sample Packages This WeekThe best sample packs this week include scenic sounds created with unusual objects, emo beats, dubstep vocals, instruments that help you paint a daydream, and jazz breakbeat drums.

FrozenPlain Scenic Vibrations

frozenplain scenic vibrations sample pack GUI

Bring tension and suspense to your sound design with this customizable synthesizer. The sounds were innovated in unique ways, like recording sheets of metal or bass strings through a transducer. The 100 easy-to-navigate presets cover a ton sonic ground, and provide a streamlined way to select between samples. Powered by the company’s Mirage engine, there are three layers to the sound that can be blended to taste. Every layer has individual filtering, envelope, loop, and LFO controls. Globally, there is an entire rack of effects on the master for adding final polish.

Origin Sound Emo Type Beats

origin sounds emo type beats

Included in this pack are loops, hits, and one shots from a variety of instruments in tempos ranging from 140-160bpm. There are melody loops, 808s, pianos, guitars, bass, effects and vocal elements perfect for adding a little emotion to your tracks. Chord and melody loops give you a number of options, and song starters also allow for a quick way to get your ideas off of the ground. The entire half gig of sounds are in 24-bit WAV format and are royalty-free. At only $39.95 this is a sample pack with a lot of variety that brings a unique perspective to any production.

W.A. Production Melodic Dubstep Vocals

wa production melodic dubstep vocals sample pack artwork

This vocal sample pack is 2GB of loops, one shots, and kits. The construction kits include MIDI for advanced editing, Serum presets, and dry/wet vocal layers. This allows for using the preset sounds or manipulating them into exactly what you need. There are five vocal kits with wet and dry acapellas. Also in the bundle are 21 chop loops and 38 phrases. Everything is royalty-free and available for just $19.90.

Musical Sampling Daydream

musical sampling daydream sample pack cover art

Intimate is a good word to describe this bundle that includes four different instruments like piano, violin, pads, and textures. Perhaps the best patch is the Cozy Piano. It is an upright played with a pianissimo (soft) dynamic, captured beautifully with Neumann KM 184 stereo microphones. Each instrument comes with a variety of features, and the interface is very easy to use. Just select the instrument and adjust the hall reverb to taste. All samples come in 24-bit/48kHz and run on Kontakt 5.8.1, but is not supported on the free player.  The sounds are warm and soft, creating a great atmosphere.

Jungle Drummer London Wake Up Drums

jungle drummer london wake up drums sample pack cover art

This pack comes from popular musician Jungle Drummer. The jazz/breakbeat fusion style is useful in genres from jazz to soul to trip hop, and more. All loops range from 70-170bpm. Most of the loops are in 4/4 time, but there are a few in the unique 5/4 meter. Everything here is a fraction of what is coming with the full Extinction Point release, and it’s all royalty-free. At just around $32 it’s a great way to see if the full set is right for you.

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Best free plug-ins this week: Swanky Amp, Bass Deluxe and Monique

Free plug-ins 10/25It’s been a great week for free plug-ins, especially if you’re a guitarist or bass player! We’ve got two brand-new tube amp simulations for you this week. Also, an awesome morphing monosynth by Monoplugs is now free, so there’s something for the synth crowd, as well.

Check out our archives for more free plug-ins than your DAW can handle.

Resonant DSP Swanky Amp

Resonant DSP Swanky AmpSwanky Amp by Resonant DSP is a free, open-source tube amplifier emulation. The model is quite sophisticated; you can read more about the development process here if you’re interested. The plug-in offers preamp, power amp and cabinet models, as well as a staging section and 4-band EQ. As Swanky Amp is open source, you can even download and modify the source code if you’d like. A ‘pro’ version is also in the works and coming soon.

Swanky Amp is currently available for macOS and Windows in AU and VST3 formats.

Get Swanky Amp here

Lostin70s Bass Deluxe

Lostin70s Bass DeluxeHere’s another free tube amp simulation. After releasing ToneDeluxe 2 and Modern Deluxe for the guitar crowd earlier this year, Lostin70s is back with a bass amp. Bass Deluxe offers two identical channels with compression, drive and 9-band graphic equalizers. The plug-in also includes a pedalboard with six bass effects. You also get four bass cabinet models (1×15, 8×10, 4×10) and even a looper and some drum grooves for practice. Not bad at all for a freebie!

Bass Deluxe is available for macOS and Windows in VST, VST3, and AU formats.

Get Bass Deluxe here

Monoplugs Monique

Monoplugs MoniqueThis remarkable synth was originally released back in 2016. It used to be $49 but is now available for free. Monique is a monophonic, subtractive synthesizer with three oscillators, FM, a bunch of different filters, extensive modulation capabilities, an arpeggiator and effects. The morphing groups are where it’s at. Separate morphing groups for the oscillators, filters, FX/EQ modules and the arpeggiator make Monique a never-ending source of exciting, inspiring sounds.

Monique is available for macOS, Windows and Linux in VST, VST3 and AU formats.

Get Monique here


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Synthesizer V Studio: Second Generation synthesized vocals from Dreamtonics

Dreamtonics Synthesizer V StudioStep into the eerily realistic world of synthesized vocals in version 2 of Dreamtonic’s Synthesizer V Studio with realtime rendering and a range of Anime styled vocalists to choose from.

Synthesizer V Studio

“V” is for vocals and Dreamtonics believe they can provide you with a vocalist that’s not going to be late for any sessions, get too drunk to sing or run off with your boyfriend. It’s less of a synthesizer in that you don’t “play it” and it’s more of studio environment where you build vocal tracks. Think of it as Melodyne but in reverse.

The voices are generated by a combination of artificial intelligence and samples which allows it to find a natural and organic tone while giving you the ability to control the voice and the performance. In this new version of the engine it brings in neural networks to enhance the quality of elements such as breaths and whispers.

You need a voice to start with and currently, there are 10 to choose from. They are displayed as cute anime characters, predominately female and described in slightly odd ways. For instance, Chiyu is “A brave and honest girl. Her bright flaming voice reaches far and wide like a bonfire.” and Shian has “The faint smile on her is reminiscent of a baby or a teddy bear, rather. A soft and warm voice is released from the hold of her mouth.” Six of them sing in Chinese, three in Japanese and one in English called Eleanor Forte who “Despite being an epitome of the latest technology, Eleanor keeps an interest in antiques. She is honest, endeavoring, with an unwavering sense of morality.” which is good to know.

So what do they sound like? Pretty cool actually. Of course, there’s a lot of Japanese and Chinese pop music in this and so vocals overladen with autotune effects are not uncommon. But there’s also more to it than that and a surprising level of realism.

Here’s an example which, although synthetic, doesn’t sound like it couldn’t be real:

This one is a more realistic example in Chinese.

It’s really quite interesting.


Synthesizer V Studio itself looks very familiar with a piano roll interface and vocal objects that look every bit like Melodyne. You place notes and the vocals render themselves. Add in lyrics and it automatically throws them onto the notes you’ve placed. You can download a free “Lite” version and try it out for yourself, it’s really quite fun and slightly amazing.

You can tune things, add colour and vibrato, slide from note to note add accents and control breathiness, tone and pronunciations. You can even script up processes to automate your workflow. You can use it standalone or as a plugin within your DAW.

I wonder whether it’s worth all the trouble to craft a vocal performance in software when perhaps you could get your mate to sing it instead. It definitely has possibilities although I’m not sure we’re ready for it on this side of the planet yet.

Synthesizer V Studio is available now for around £80 but try out the free version first to get a flavour of the possibilities. And there’s a long video on the website going into all the details about the technology.

More information

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Tokyo Dawn Records brings the hammer down with Molot GE

Tokyo Dawn Molot GEDeveloper VladG’s Molot compressor plug-in is an all-time freeware classic that keeps going strong, close to a decade after release! Molot (the Hammer) is a Fairchild-style compressor on steroids with tons of parameters and a rich analog character. It’s worth all the love it can get in this day and age. This explains why developer Tokyo Dawn Records decided to pay it some respect by reimagining VladG’s work. Meet TDR Molot GE, the follow up to last week’s free Molot compressor!

Tokyo Dawn Records Molot GE

Honoring the original in every aspect, Molot GE offers too much compression stuff to fit into a single sentence. First, there’s an analog-style brickwall limiter, a saturation section, and tone controls. A dual-stage timing section enables control over the auto-release behavior. Both feedforward and feedback compression types are supported.

There’s also adjustable stereo crossover and some mad science type stuff like negative ratios, sidechain phase rotation, and a bit-crusher. This war ensemble ofcompression techniques can operate in Stereo and M/S mode, the latter with dedicated controls for width. A modern addition is the equal loudness workflow with equal loudness bypass and equal loudness trim for proper monitoring of the results.

Molot GE compressor

With this many options in it, Molot is really what you make out of it. It can be a gentle LA2A-style comp, an 1176-type peak leveler, or the next best thing after the Distressor. I love the attention to detail which is evident in aspects like choosable stepped/variable controls. And that user interface, of course – vintage Soviet madness!

All in all, this is Molot – one of the most intriguing compressors to ever grace a DAW – and though it never went away, it’s back with a vengeance!

Price and availability

Tokyo Dawn Records is selling TDR Molot GE at an introductory 20% off discount, the final price being EUR 40. The offer is good until Wednesday, October 28.

Molot GE is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for 32 and 64-bit computers runnng Windows XP SP2 and later, or macOS 10.7 and later. A user manual and free demo version can be downloaded from the developer’s website. Note that a paired-down free version called simply Molot is also available – you can read more about it here.

More information


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NUGEN Audio Paragon: A premium hybrid IR/algorithmic surround reverb

NUGEN Audio ParagonNo longer just a buzzword from manufacturers, 3D sound has become more prominent in recent times. Naturally, everyone seems to have their own ideas for 3D audio, including developer NUGEN Audio. It’s created a new reverb plug-in called Paragon, and it is all about surround applications like Dolby Atmos. The plug-in works with impulse responses, applying a re-synthesis algorithm to get you options you normally wouldn’t find in straight algorithmic and convolution reverbs.

NUGEN Audio Paragon

As you may know, convolution reverbs work by sampling the frequency response of real ambiences and hardware effects. These recordings are called impulse responses – IRs – and are, however, static in nature. While the results are often superior to algorithmic reverbs in terms of realism, you don’t get to have as much control over the reverb’s intricacies. This is where Paragon adds IR re-synthesis in such a way as to bring you the best of both worlds within a modern reverb plug-in.

The re-synthesis engine provides control over the decay, room size, and brightness parameters of the virtual spaces. Paragon does not use time stretching of the impulse responses and, therefore, does not generate audible artifacts. In addition, there are features such as spectral analysis and a precise EQ section for really detailed work. The impulse responses are also unusual here. They are all 3D recordings of real rooms, letting you create multi-channel surround sounds (up to 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos). The crosstalk feature ensures proper and musical interaction between the individual channels. You can also use both mono and stereo signals for editing.

Nugen Audio Paragon

Nugen Audio Paragon

Because of these features, Paragon is particularly interesting for film and TV production applications. I’m not into the field, but I can imagine crews are already down for for generating Surround reverbs from any mono and stereo sources. Paragon could simplify a potentially very complex workflow. For example, the plug-in enables possibilities like removing reverb from the center channel, but keeping a sense of surrounding space by adding reverb to the rest of the multi-channel setup. Pretty next-level stuff if you ask me!

Price and availability

Paragon is a highly specialized reverb with some advanced tech that may eventually trickle down to more affordable plug-ins. This is reflected in the steep asking price of USD 599 / EUR 509. So not your next workhorse reverb by any means – thankfully, we have plug-ins like Spacerek for that!

NUGEN Audio Paragon runs as a VST3, AU, AAX and AudioSuite plug-in on macOS (10.9 or newer) and Windows (Vista or newer). However, the plug-in only works in 64-bit mode. You can download the instruction manual in PDF format from the manufacturer’s website. There, you can also request a free demo version. The price certainly warrants an opportunity for a test-drive.

More information


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Big Fish Audio Aura: 4 sound engines, endless soundscapes

Big Fish Audio Aura featuredNo wonder modern music can sound so unique in that “what the heck did I just heard” kind of way. Today, there are such elaborate and creative sound design tools that would have seemed like science fiction a decade or two ago. One like this is Aura, a new release by developer Big Fish Audio.

Aura piggybacks on Native Instruments’ free Kontakt 6 Player plug-in and takes advantage of its vast sampling and audio engines to deliver a very interesting sound design tool. Here’s more about Aura…

Big Fish Audio Aura

Aura consists of four separate sound engines, each with a dedicated X/Y pad for parameter morphing. These are complemented by a collection of 23+ audio effects, 10 of which can be modulated using LFOs and step sequencers. Aura lets you import your own samples to remix and process, so the included 100+ factory presets are merely 1/4 of the fun!

In addition to the 4 X/Y pads, a central X/Y pad enables you to morph between the 4 audio engines’ playback. It’s a given that said pad can be automated in your DAW for really swift and moving audio effects. The results typically gravitate towards ambiences, drones, pads, and soundscapes. Though with this much sound design power in your hands, I believe you can squeeze pretty much anything you’re after out of Aura.

Big Fish Audio Aura - Edit page

Big Fish Audio Aura – Edit page

As a Kontakt-based instrument, Aura also supports the NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) integration with NI’s Komplete Kontrol S-series and Maschine controllers. The instrument comes pre-mapped for these, letting you jump in and start twisting knobs immediately.

All in all, Aura seems to be one of those sound design tools that offer near-limited creative potential. As long as your computer is able to run it, you are in for a career’s worth of fun! Now let’s talk about the price…

Price and availability

Normaly a somewhat steep USD 199, Aura is on an introductory sale of USD 150. So now is as good of a time as any to make an investment. The offer is good until November 6.

Aura requires the free Kontakt 6 Player plug-in from Native Instruments, or a full Kontakt 6 copy. It eats up a hearty 12GB of disk space to install, which gets reduced to 6GB post-install. Kontakt 6 itself runs under macOS 10.12 and later or Windows 7 and later on 32-bit (Windows) and 64-bit computers.

More information


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Jamahook: powerful AI generates harmony, rhythm and drums for your songs

JamahookJamahook is a new plug-in that is equipped with a special kind of artificial intelligence. The technology is used to find suitable samples for your song ideas, such that fit the groove, the speed and the harmony. That sounds like a really interesting solution to put the sample-sorting trainee’s gig in jeopardy! Jokes aside, the software cannot make coffee and massage your shoulders yet. But this could be a tool for those dark moments when you’re plagued with writer’s block or a creative hangover.

Jamahook plug-in

How cool would it be if a VST plug-in could instantly suggest new melodies, grooves, bass lines, or even hooks?! Well, the developers of Jamahook say their software can do all that, almost in real-time. It “scans” your song material and offers ideas that appear right in the plug-in’s browser. It’s a two-step process: the “Listen” phase analyzes the audio, groove, speed and key of the song. Then it comes up with a number of suggestions in the form of loops.

You will find these divided into Harmony, Rhythm, and Drums sections. You can even sort the results by genre, instrument, and mood. Simply drag and drop the chosen audio file (preview is possible) into your song. Behind the scenes there’s an AI-driven algorithm, developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute (you know, the .MP3 guys). In the demo videos, the whole thing seems to work rather splendidly.

Prices and dates

Jamahook is available in three subscription levels on the manufacturer’s website. Bedroom costs EUR 3.99 per month, Studio is EUR 9.99 per month, and Pro costs EUR 19.99 per month. If you’d like to pay the studio subscription in an annual fee, you can save 50% off. There’s also a system of in-app purchases. Each sample costs so-called “points”. You can purchase these points as part of the subscription model. It is not yet possible to say how high the quality of the sample library will be at the start of the offer. But the company says it wants to work with well-known sound designers in the future.

The Jamahook plug-in runs under macOS and Windows in AU and VST formats. A free demo version and a detailed explanatory video are also available on the developer’s website. Try it out and let us know in the comments if you found this tool useful.

More information


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Waves V12 update brings resizable GUIs, preset browser, free plug-ins

Waves V12 updateToday, Waves announced the availability of Waves V12, a major update to its plug-in technology. Mainly, there’s convenient new functionality, which we’ll have a look below, as well as a bunch of free plug-ins added to select bundles. Certainly enough to warrant a major update!

Waves V12

V12 sees the following key areas of focus:

  • Resizable GUIs – Waves pluggos now have 5 adjustable sizes for their user interfaces. About time, huh?
  • Preset Browser – Waves has so many plug-ins out there that finding the exact right one is outright daunting for newcomers. The new preset browser aims to ease them in with text-based searching and preset auditioning.
  • Retina Graphics – Waves plug-ins now look sharper on modern Macs and other high-resolution screens. They also benefit from optimized GPU performance.
  • Compatibility improvements – Waves promises “full ongoing compatibility” with current DAWs and operating systems.
  • Free plug-ins – owners of Platinum, Horizon, and Diamond bundles get LoAir, Smack Attack, and Submarine for zilch.

How’s it going for users?

So far, reactions to the update seem mixed. As welcome as the changes are, some Waves users report the following issues:

– DAW rescans all Waves plug-ins, which may take quite a while
– V11 of Waves plug-ins still remain installed, taking up space
– The GUI graphics are upscaled, not re-drawn. This makes for a slightly blurred look, even on Retina displays.
– Update fees could reach as high as EUR 250, depending on the number and kind of Waves plug-ins you own.

So V12 is a bit of hit and miss so far, judging by the reports in forums like KVR. This is probably still a worthwhile update for some users, perhaps the newer ones. But some of the user feedback so far is not exactly positive.

To update to V12, you will either have your licenses covered by your Waves Update Plan (which means the update is free), or you will have to renew your coverage to update. If you are into Waves, you probably have a better understanding of the specifics than I do. Personally, I respect the developer for hustling like crazy, but I’m not a Waves guy myself.

More information


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The Best Sample Packs This Week: Chinese instruments and sounds of the British Invasion

The Best New Sample Packages This WeekThe best sample packs this week include a collection of foley sounds, a very comprehensive set of authentic Chinese instruments, sounds for injecting some funk and disco to house productions, and a trio of applications that bring the sound of the British Invasion. Let’s dig in!

Ghosthack Ultimate Foley Sounds

ghosthack ultimate foley sounds sample pack artwork

This new bundle from acclaimed sample creator Ghosthack includes 623 live recorded foley sounds that cover a very broad spectrum. As is the standard with foley samples, the sounds in this pack were created out of everyday objects and situations. All files come in 24-bit WAV format, royalty-free. The pack is on sale for about $18 right now, but regularly retails for $53.

Sound Magic China Impression

sound magic china impression sample pack GUI

Comprehensive doesn’t begin to describe this set of more than 60 authentic Chinese instruments. It comes in at a whopping 300GB. All samples have multiple velocity layers and are captured from different microphone positions. At $499 it’s not exactly inexpensive, but comes with every bit of love and care that sets Sound Magic apart from the pack. Everything comes in 96kHz or 192kHz sample rates and were recorded with top notch hardware and converters for the most realistic sounds possible. It runs on Windows and Mac in VST and AU formats.

Thick Sounds Classic Funky and Disco House

thick sounds classic funky and disco house

These funk/disco-leaning house samples take you all the way from the origins of the genre through to present day. With loops, hits, multis, construction kits and more you can inject your productions with some much needed funk. Also included are presets for Serum and Massive. It’s available from Loopmasters for around $38 as an entire pack, but parts can also be purchased individually.

Toontrack British Invasion MIDI Packs

Toontrack has released three new MIDI packs based around the sound of the British Invasion. These packs include drums, keys, and bass. All of the Blues-based fire that launched some of the most popular sounds in music history are available. Each sample pack includes multiple types of melodies, grooves, tempos and more. Everything is designed to slide right into your workflow. Each pack is just $29 right now, so for under $100 you can put the sound of the British music phenomenon that captured the ear of the world into your library.


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Best free plug-ins this week: Dirty Filter, FenrIR and PanCake 2

Free plug-ins of the weekThis weeks collection of the best free plug-ins brings us a filter and distortion effect, a versatile impulse response loader and a classic panning effect that should be in everyone’s collection. Here’s Dirty Filter, FenrIR and PanCake 2.

Check out our huge archives for many more free plug-ins!

BPB Dirty Filter

BPB Dirty FilterBedroom Producers Blog has released this cool little filter and distortion plug-in. The name pretty much sums it up: Dirty Filter is a pair of filters with some added dirt in the form of emulated analog tube distortion. The high pass and low pass filters have a huge range and the slope can be adjusted from 12 dB to a very steep 48 dB/octave. It’s a great way to add anything from saturation to filter sweeps to heavy distortion to your tracks, and it’s completely free.

Dirty Filter is available for macOS and Windows in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Get Dirty Filter here

Aurora DSP FenrIR

Aurora DSP FenrIRNamed after the monstrous wolf in Norse mythology, FenrIR by Aurora DSP is a simple impulse response loader. The developer says that it’s designed to be very easy to use. You can drag and drop IR files onto the plug-in, blend them, and start playing. FenrIR also offers waveform and spectral displays, so you can see the changes you make in real time. The final result can be saved as a new IR in a WAV file. The plug-in comes with a bunch of impulse responses to get you started.

FenrIR is available for macOS and Windows in VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Get FenrIR here

Cableguys PanCake 2

Cableguys PancakeHere’s a classic that should be in everyone’s collection. PanCake 2 by Cableguys is a versatile panning effect that lets you draw your own modulation shapes. PanCake 2 also offers an LFO that syncs to your DAW and can be triggered via MIDI. The vertical waveform display provides visual feedback. It’s one of the plug-ins that laid the foundation for Cableguys’ many creative, rhythmic effects like TimeShaper and CrushShaper that make up the Shaperbox bundle.

PanCake 2 is available for macOS and Windows in VST and AU formats.

Get PanCake 2 here


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