Get FREE iZotope Neutron Elements & More! (#StayInCreate)

Loopcloud has launched the #StayInCreate bundle, a free collection of music production goodies provided in tandem with Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique, iZotope, and Producertech. The #StayInCreate bundle is offered as a free download to everyone interested. However, only the users who signed up to Loopcloud before April 16th will receive additional points in their account. Everyone […] View post: Get FREE iZotope Neutron Elements & More! (#StayInCreate) … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

#StayInCreate package offers producers loads of free content

If you are into music production in some way, you probably don’t have much to do right now besides eat, sleep and create (unless you have kids, of course). On the whole, we creatives have it pretty good. Adding to all the freeware and extended trials that popped up over the past few weeks, the people behind Plugin Boutique, iZotope, Producertech and Loopcloud teamed up to make our days (and nights) brighter with the #StayInCreate initiative. #StayInCreate package The initiative plays like a four-part harmony. First off, iZotope is giving away Neutron 3 Elements, its revered mixing tool & channel strip. Netron 3 Elements features a good bit of functionality, including an AI-driven mixing assistant which helps with setting up Neutron’s procesors – EQ, compressor, exciter and transient shaper. Part two – Producertech provides three months of all-access membership completely free of charge. One of the better online music production schools around, Producertech has gobs and gobs of content to sink your teeth into while on downtime. That’s over 400 hours of tutorials, hundreds of projects and presets, and over 10GB of Loopmasters samples that’s yours to take advantage of. Part three – Loopmasters has opened up its Loopcloud in-daw sample library with a free 30-day trial of its Studio Plan. This lets you grab up to 300 sounds per month and an additional 25 free sounds daily. Part four – Plugin Boutique is giving away the Radio plug-in, an online radio streaming plug-in that lets you record the last 30 seconds of any stream right in your DAW. Grabbing sounds from radio is a sampling classic that’s now modernized for DAW-based producers. In addition to streaming, Radio offers as…

Loopcloud #StayInCreate Coming On April 16th (Sign Up Now)

Loopcloud has announced that they will release the free #StayInCreate bundle on April 16th, 2020. Sign up now to have free points added to your Loopcloud account on launch. The team at Loopcloud has joined forces with Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique, Producertech, and iZotope to create a free collection of VST plugins, sounds, and music production […] View post: Loopcloud #StayInCreate Coming On April 16th (Sign Up Now) … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |…

Plugin Boutique Offers FREE #StayInspired Plugin Bundle ($89 value)

Plugin Boutique is giving away the #StayInspired Plugin Bundle ($89 value), which contains three premium audio plugins from Baby Audio, Pulsar Audio, and W.A. Production. #StayInspired Plugin Bundle is a follow up to Plugin Boutique’s recent #StayInCreate bundle, which was offered back in April. Plugin Boutique, Loopmasters, Producertech, and Loopcloud have joined forces once again […] View post: Plugin Boutique Offers FREE #StayInspired Plugin Bundle ($89 value) … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

iZotope mega deals: save big on upgrades, crossgrades and Music Makers Bundle

Need to get your iZotope mixing, mastering and production stuff sorted? Now is the time! Our friends at Thomann are having a mega sale on iZotope upgrades, crossgrades and the hugely discounted Music Makers Bundle. iZotope Music Makers Bundle deal Normally EUR 895, the iZotope Music Makers Bundle has been discounted to only EUR 49! And this is not some desperate attempt at a hyped sale. Rather, it’s meant as a gesture to help musicians out during the pandemic. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Musicares, a charity for musicians supporting artists in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. The iZotope Music Makers Bundle comprises the following products: BreakTweaker + Expansions Stutter Edit Trash 2 Iris 2 Nectar Elements Neutron Elements Ozone Elements RX Elements The plug-ins are available in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX Native format for 64-bit Windows and Mac computers. Upgrades and Crossgrades Here’s a list of all the juicy crossgrades and upgrades currently on offer: iZotope Upgrade & Crossgrade Deals at Thomann (ends June 4) Product Old Price New Price Link iZotope RX 7 Standard Crossgrade 399.00 € 99.00 € Click iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced Upgrade 1-2 Standard 299.00 € 99.00 € Click iZotope Neutron 3 Advanced Upgrade 1-2 Advanced 199.00 € 99.00 € Click iZotope Neutron 3 Standard Crossgrade 199.00 € 99.00 € Click iZotope Music Production Suite 3 Upgrade 1 499.00 € 399.00 € Click iZotope Music Production Suite 3 Crossgrade 2 799.00 € 399.00 € Click iZotope Tonal Balance Bundle Crossgrade 2 699.00 € 199.00 € Click iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced Upgrade Ozone 5-8 Advanced 199.00 € 99.00 € Click iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced Upgrade Ozone 9 Standard 249.00 € 99.00…