Deal: Save 100 euros on Sennheiser XSW 1-835 wireless microphones!

Our colleagues at Thomann are offering you some awesome deals on Sennheiser XSW 1-835 wireless microphone systems. Various frequency band systems are available with a whopping discount of 100 Euros! This is a limited availability offer as long as stocks last. If we’ve whetted your appetite, read on for tech details and money saving links. Sennheiser XSW 1-835 So what’s the deal with the XSW 1-835 wireless microphone? Well, it’s based upon Sennheiser’s XSW wireless technology; the microphone uses the 835 dynamic capsule plucked from the evolution series. That means you get a high-quality cardioid wireless microphone with a frequency response ideally tailored to vocals. Additionally, you’ll also benefit from the advantages of Sennheiser’s XSW wireless system technology. Each XSW set allows you to choose from one of ten channels within a preset frequency bank. Simply purchase the XSW wireless set with the frequency bank that best suits your application. Operation is a doddle with an auto-scan function finding free and available frequencies for you. A true diversity system, you can kiss goodbye to irritating dropouts and enjoy the stage freedom a wireless system gives you. Importantly, transmitter and receiver pairing is as simple as the push of a button; the built-in display keeping you posted on battery life. Talking of battery life, two AA batteries will give you up to 10 hours of performance time! The pro features continue with both jack and XLR outputs on offer; you can also switch between line and mic level from the receiver. Your Choice of Frequency Bands We don’t know how long the current offer will continue for, but we’ve noticed before that some deals sell out within hours. Our advice would…

MIA 413 Tape Saturator: A new analog saturation and distortion toolkit

With 413 Tape Saturator, audio developer Mia Laboratories presents a plug-in for warming up and compressing your mix buses and audio/instrument tracks. As the name implies, this is a tape-style saturation tool. It includes three different types of analog tape emulations and three different types of distortion, which you can freely combine to create the sound that’s right for your production. In this plug-in, you will find controls for the input and output volume, the distortion section (tube, transistor or soft-clipping), saturation control and the tape area with emulation selection. In the middle there are two VU meters for the left and right channels. The studio tape playback equalization is either the IEC – or NAB standard. Of course, you can also add the mandatory tape hiss and mechanical noise, specifying the amount manually. Simple on the outside, 413 Tape Saturator looks like a powerful tape saturation and distortion processor in plug-in form. Prices and dates Mia Laboratories 413 Tape Saturator is currently available from the company’s website at an introductory price of EUR 49 down from EUR 99. The plug-in runs on Mac OSX 10.7 or higher and Windows 7 or higher in VST, VST3, AAX and AU 64-bit formats. For authorization, you need a free iLok account or a paid-for USB dongle. A 14-day unlimited demo version and a PDF user manual are also available for download. Tape saturation plug-ins are plentiful in today’s audio technology landscape. This post, for example, contains no less than 9 tape saturators, all of which are completely free! More information Product page The post MIA 413 Tape Saturator: A new analog saturation and distortion toolkit appeared first on … From:

Get Waves Berzerk Distortion For FREE (Again) Until July 3rd!

Waves is offering the Berzerk distortion effect as a freebie for all registered users until July 3rd, 2020. Berzerk is a creative distortion effect with ten distortion algorithms that provide a wide choice of audio degradation flavors. The plugin is regularly priced at $99 one the Waves website (currently on sale for $49), but it […] View post: Get Waves Berzerk Distortion For FREE (Again) Until July 3rd! … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

iZotope Ozone 9 Elements Is FREE Until June 30th!

Plugin Boutique is offering the Ozone 9 Elements ($129 value) mastering suite by iZotope as a free download for all registered users (registration is free). Ozone 9 Elements was already available as a freebie download in another deal we featured in our news section recently. If you missed that offer, here’s another chance to claim […] View post: iZotope Ozone 9 Elements Is FREE Until June 30th! … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Get Waves OneKnob Louder For FREE Until June 23rd!

Sonic Academy is offering the Waves OneKnob Louder ($49 value) plugin as a free download for all of their registered and subscribed users (registration process is free) until June 23rd, 2020. OneKnob Louder is a limiter/compressor plugin developed by Waves. It is part of the Waves OneKnob Series, a collection of eight plugins that are […] View post: Get Waves OneKnob Louder For FREE Until June 23rd! … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Eventide Crystals: Twisted pitched delays and reverbs from the iconic H3000

Eventide has released Crystals, the next plug-in of the H9 series. Based on an algorithm from the famed H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer, Crystals combines reverse delays, pitch shifters and a huge reverb for a wide variety of twisting, warbling, modulating effects from outer space. It’s available now for Windows, macOS and iOS. Eventide Crystals Crystals is based on dual pitch shifters paired with dual reverse delays and reverb. According to Eventide, this combination makes Crystal a source of “out-of-this-world climbing and cascading pitched delays”, but it’s also useful as a unique-sounding reverb or to help instruments sit in the mix. Eventide says that you can even use it as an ambient looper, due to the rather long delay times of up to four seconds per voice. The two reverse granular delays each have their own controls for the delay time and pitch. The delays can also be tapped or synced to the song tempo. Each delay can be up to four seconds long and offers an independent feedback loop. While the two pitch shifters offer a maximum range of two octaves above and below the original pitch, they also work in the microtonal range. There’s also a FLEX button, which shifts both voices up one octave when pressed. The reverb finishes this off with a maximum decay time of a staggering 100 seconds – that’s Valhalla territory right there. Like the other effects of the H9 series such as MicroPitch, RotaryMod and CrushStation, Crystals features a virtual ribbon controller. This lets you manipulate several parameters at the same time, or morph between settings. Of all the Eventide H9 series effects so far, Crystal has impressed me the most. Judging by the demos,…

Caelum Audio Releases Tape Cassette 2 VST3/AU Plugin

Caelum Audio has introduced Tape Cassette 2, an updated version of their freeware tape emulation effect in VST3 and AU plugin formats for DAW software on PC and Mac. The software is also available as an app and AUv3 plugin on iOS and iPadOS. Tape Cassette 2 is based on the original Tape Cassette plugin, […] View post: Caelum Audio Releases Tape Cassette 2 VST3/AU Plugin … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |…

Learn To Make FREE 3D Visuals For Your Next Music Video

FXhome has launched Blender To HitFilm, a free masterclass on using 3D assets from Blender (free and open-source) in HitFilm and HitFilm Express (freeware). You may already know that I’ve recommended HitFilm Express as the best free video editing application in the past. It’s very user friendly, but not at the cost of lacking in […] View post: Learn To Make FREE 3D Visuals For Your Next Music Video … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Faded Instruments launch themselves with 3 colourful new virtual instruments

In the initial Faded Instruments line up is Blumen und Pflanzen FM feedback synth, Slimer FM modular FM synth and Ghost Tones psychoacoustic synth and they are very groovy. Blumen und Pflanzen That’s flowers and plants in English but I’m not sure that gives us any more of a clue as to what this fruity synthesizer is. They call it an unpredictable pulsating FM feedback synthesizer and groove machine. It creates odd rhythms and grooves. It comprises of two oscillators setup in an FM feedback loop where they can frequency modulate and phase modulate each other. You can get stuck into the knobs or play with the XY pads to discover interesting noises. The sequence is then blending by the central XY pad that messes with tempo and envelope length. There are further distortion and delay available to keep things interesting. Blumen und Pflanzen is $19.69. Slimer FM This is a “modular FM mega-instrument” which sounds intriguing and rather odd because it only has the one oscillator and envelope and a filter. The oscillator fades between sine and sawtooth waveforms but it has no modulator. Instead, you route an audio input to it within your DAW. So the idea is that any or all tracks within your DAW become part of the FM synthesizer – drums, vocals, guitar, synths or whatever you like. That could get very interesting. Slimer FM is $9.09. Ghost Tones Ghost Tones is a bit nutty. It takes the note you played and generates two other random notes instead so you never hear what you wanted to except that somehow you do. What is that about? Apparently it’s a phenomena called  Otoacoustic Emissions or Combination Tones…

Bitwig releases Bitwig Studio 3.2 with new sound shaping features

Bitwig has released Bitwig Studio 3.2. The latest version of the DAW comes with several new effects and sound shaping tools. New creative features for composition and production have also been added, along with workflow improvements and a handful of new Grid modules. Bitwig Studio 3.2 is a free upgrade to anyone with an active upgrade plan. For all others, the Bitwig Summer Sale gets you up to USD 100 off the price of the software. Bitwig Studio 3.2 Things are evolving quickly in the world of Bitwig. After releasing Bitwig Studio 3 last summer and following up with version 3.1 in November, the Berlin-based company has just released another upgrade for the modular DAW. The developer says that Bitwig Studio 3.2 focuses on “greater control and sculpting possibilities for all sounds”. The update adds two new audio effects: EQ+ and Saturator. EQ+ is a parametric EQ with up to eight bands, which can be edited by clicking and dragging the EQ curve. It offers a total of 14 filter types and an Adaptive-Q option, which narrows the width of a band as the gain increases. You can solo bands for precise editing, and there’s a global frequency shift option. Bitwig has also paid attention to looks: EQ+ applies a rainbow colour spectrum to the EQ curve and bands. The developers say that this visual connection makes editing more intuitive. EQ-2 and EQ-5 now sport the new colour scheme, too. So do the frequency controls in more than 20 other devices. Saturator is a waveshaping effect for adding “buzzing, rumble and warmth”. With drive, gain normalize and low-pass controls, as well as separate threshold, transform amount and knee settings for…