Tracktion Waveform Free 2021: the free DAW gets even better

Tracktion Waveform Free is a free DAW that offers few restrictions and many features. For zero financial outlay. With the new functions that the manufacturer has put into the Waveform Free 2021 update that’s just become available, this free DAW is getting even better. Tracktion Waveform Free 2021 In contrast to many other free DAWs and ‘light’ versions, Waveform Free does not have any major restrictions – most importantly, you can use an unlimited number of tracks and plug-ins. As many as your setup can handle, anyway. The software is also notable for running on platforms such as Linux and the Raspberry Pi. With the update, Tracktion is bringing new functionality and performance improvements. For example, the new welcome screen lets you access and configure audio devices, project templates, and tutorials at a glance. Tracktion also shows the latest product information there. The editing of clips is aided by features such as Range Selection, Ripple Delete, and Heal (Consolidate) Silence. The Dedicated Step Clip Editor also simplifies programming. Meanwhile, Action panels let you save the most frequently used editing operations to fire them up at any time with a click of the mouse. That sounds very practical. Further along, MIDI typing enables note input from your computer keyboard. That was overdue and is of course particularly helpful if you don’t have a MIDI controller. In addition, there are the usual performance improvements and bug fixes as well as delay compensation. This meaningful update shows Tracktion is going strong. It’s quite amazing what you can accomplish without paying a penny for software these days. Waveform Free 2021 runs on Windows 8 and 10, macOS (11.11 or newer), Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and…

Tracktion Releases Waveform Free 2021

Tracktion Corporation has upgraded Waveform Free, its award-winning free DAW. Waveform Free was released in early 2020, and it somewhat changed the rules on what to expect from a free DAW. So much so that we chose to list it as the best free DAW available. If you aren’t already familiar with Waveform Free, it’s […] View post: Tracktion Releases Waveform Free 2021 … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

IK Multimedia Syntronik Memory-V Is FREE Until February 26th

IK Multimedia offers Memory-V (€49.99 value) for Syntronik as a free download to all subscribers until February 26th. All you have to do to get Memory-V free is subscribe to IK Multimedia’s newsletter by creating an account and following the steps provided. If you already have an account and subscribe to the newsletter, Memory-V will […] View post: IK Multimedia Syntronik Memory-V Is FREE Until February 26th … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Ableton Live 11 is coming on February 23 – and you can try it now!

Ableton has announced that Live 11 will be released on February 23. If you own Live 10 Standard or Suite, you can now download the public beta for free and give the new version of the DAW a good test run. There’s also still time to save 20% on Live 10 and get the upgrade to Live 11 for free. Ableton Live 11 Ableton had announced Live 11 back in November. The new version of the popular DAW comes with many new features, such as comping and linked-track editing, MPE support and a bunch of new devices. The software, which is a favorite among electronic live performers, also includes new performance features like Live tempo following, macro snapshots and probability sequencing. And now we finally have a release date! Ableton announced today that Live 11 will be officially released on February 23, 2021. It’ll come in the familiar Intro, Standard and Suite editions. You can pre-order the software at a 20% discount from the dealer of your choice or the Ableton website. This offer only lasts until the release date on February 23rd, so be sure to grab it while the discount is available. And if you buy Live 10 now, you’ll receive an upgrade to Live 11 for free when the new version becomes available. The best thing is that you don’t have to wait until February 23 to try Live 11 for yourself. Even if you weren’t part of the beta community, you can now download the public beta for free and give it a good test run. Prices and versions Ableton Live 11 will be available on February 23, 2021. The prices are: Intro: €79 Standard: €349…

Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Is FREE @ Plugin Boutique

Loopcloud offers the Dubstation 2 delay plugin by Audio Damage as a free download throughout February 2021. Dubstation 2 is a bucket-brigade delay plugin developed by Audio Damage, purveyors of some of the most exquisite virtual instruments and effects on the market. The plugin typically costs $25 at Plugin Boutique, but Loopcloud offers it as […] View post: Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Is FREE @ Plugin Boutique … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

The Pedalboard Challenge: Get a full-on pedalboard with effects for €200!

For many guitarists, sending their guitar signal through a swathe of effects pedals is an important part of their music making. Sure, you can buy multi-effects for under €200. But there’s a whole universe of pedals to discover out there, and unlimited combinations of pedals. So how much “real” pedalboard can you get for the same amount? We set ourselves a challenge: Come up with the best pedalboard for the same amount as the cheaper multi-fx units. In this two-part series, we show you the best options for low-cost, full-on pedalboards and effects – for only €200. The first step: a pedalboard to put your effects on. The question now is: DIY or pre-made? We look at both options, then go through considerations for powering and placing your pedals. With the money you have left from buying or building your board, you’ll be ready for Part 2: the pedals! At the the end of this two-part series, you’ll have a full-on pedalboard for the price of a multi-fx unit. DIY or pre-made? Here we’ll look at two routes to a low-cost and reliable pedalboard. Route A: Build your own. It’s cheap and easier than you think. But if you don’t have time to build your own, you can always go for Route B, and order a low-cost pre-made pedalboard. A DIY pedalboard leaves you with more to spend on your pedals, while Route B is, obviously, faster and easier. Build your own Here’s where the fun starts! Normally, a pedalboard is a kind of frame made from durable material that’s not too heavy. But you don’t have to build it from scratch. There are lots of items you can repurpose…

BLA RO-140 emulates all 272 kilos of the old EMT 140 plate reverb

Developer Black Rooster Audio presents its take on the old EMT-140 plate reverb. Before reverbs went digital, they used to occupy entire rooms. Produced in 1957, the venerable EMT 140 Plate reverb is 272 kilos worth of hardware. It’s also the definitive plate reverb until this very day, sparking the interest of audio plug-in developers. Black Rooster Audio RO-140 BLA is rubbing shoulders with the likes of Arturia, Soundtoys, and UAD – all of which have an EMT 140 plug-in up their sleeves. Rather than sampling the reverb, the developer opted for physical modeling and built six kinds of plates – titanium, gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, and steel. The plug-in provides a good amount of customization options. There are input and output level controls, a dampening control, a three-band equalizer with an additional bass cut knob, three types of output (Mono, Mono + Stereo, Stereo), Pre/Delay, Size, and Dry/Wet knobs. Whether the BLA RO-140 sounds the best of the bunch is up for you to decide. It is, however, the most affordable. UAD asks for USD 199, Arturia and Soundtoys ask for USD 99; BLA needs USD 71 (EUR 59). Add to that a 14-day free trial version for testing, and RO-140 makes for a wallet-friendly plate reverb. Additionally, the three videos below showcase how the reverb sounds on synth, guitar and drums. Price and availability RO-140 is available from Black Rooster Audio now, priced EUR 59. The plug-in works under Windows and macOS in VST, AAX, and AU formats. A free 14-day trial version can be downloaded. More information Black Rooster Audio website More from the manufacturer Video The post BLA RO-140 emulates all 272 kilos of the old…

W.A. Production Releases FREE Puncher 2 Lite Transient Shaper

W.A. Production releases Puncher 2 Lite, a freeware transient shaper effect in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Puncher 2 is an ultra-lightweight transient shaping and multi-band compression tool. It is based on the same DSP engine as W.A. Production’s flagship Puncher 2 ($69) plugin, but the […] View post: W.A. Production Releases FREE Puncher 2 Lite Transient Shaper … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

NAMM 2021: The new Red Panda Bitmap 2 Bitcrusher will mangle your tone, in a good way

Red Panda has a new updated bitcrusher pedal set for release in February. The Bitmap 2 uses fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation to crush your guitar tones into weird distortion oblivion. If you’re looking to mangle your tone, this pedal may be for you.   Red Panda Bitmap 2 The new Red Panda Bitmap 2 is a compact, made-in-the-USA pedal with the ability to destroy your tone, but in a good musical way. It does so by fractional bit reduction and sample rate modulation, which crushes your bit rates and distorts your guitar’s signal to make them weird and wonderful. For example, if you set the bit reduction from 24-bits down to 1-bit and the sample rate reduction from 48 kHz down to 110 Hz, it will seriously degrade your pure signal. You can run anything you like through it, not just guitars, so feel free to bitcrush your ukulele (yes please) or your favourite synthesiser or drum machine. It has stereo ins/outs via TRS cables and should handle most signals with ease. The pedal has controls for Mix (this blends how much of the effect you have with your dry signal), Crush, Freq, Filter, Rate,and Depth, along with Drive and Env, plus Preset and Wave buttons. It is well laid out and fairly self explanatory to use. The Aux footswitch is assignable to tap tempo or preset selection. Red Panda Bitmap 2 Bit crusher stompbox Modulate and Filter Now throw in the ability to add an envelope control that can be set to modulate your sampling rate or mix, and a 4-pole low-pass filter. The latter can also be assigned to an external footswitch to control the filter sweep, which should make it…

NAMM 2021: ZenDAW Cloudkeys – Touch control software for Reason

Having Reason under your literal fingertips lends a new dimension of tactility to the software’s famous hardware-inspired workflow. To that, developer ZenDAW introduced Cloudkeys – software that enables touch control for Reason Studios’ famous DAW. ZenDAW Cloudkeys – touch control for Reason Cloudkeys requires a computer with a touchscreen display running Windows 7 or later. It lays out many important parameters and functions on the screen, such as the sequencer, Editor tools, file handling, zoom, transport, navigation, and more. There are over 130 pre-mapped Reason touch screen actions, including touch gestures, and all of them are color-coded. This makes working with Reason quicker and more intuitive, perhaps giving new creative possibilities through the use of touch. Cloudkeys uses the native Windows touchscreen interface, so no drivers or additional hardware/software are required. If you have a touch-enabled display and use Reason, give the free Cloudkeys demo a try – it sounds like fun! Note that the software also works with a mouse, which is still an option if you don’t have a touchscreen but want to try a different interface. Price and availability ZenDAW Cloudkeys is available now at an introductory price of USD 29, down from USD 65. The promotion is valid until January 31, 2021. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page. Cloudkeys runs under Windows 7 or later and is compatible with Reason 9 or later. A 16-inch to 24-inch 1080p-resolution (or more) monitor is recommended, though the software is said to work with even larger screens. Reason 11 is available here at Thomann (affiliate link)  for EUR 333, and Reason 11 Suite is available here at Thomann (affiliate link) for EUR 519. More information…