Free E-mu SP-12 Vintage Sampler VST Plugin By Analog Obsession

Analog Obsession has released SPre, a freeware VST/VST3/AU plugin effect that emulates the tonal character of the E-mu SP-12 vintage sampler. SPre is a multi-effect plugin that emulates the preamp circuit and the filter of the E-mu SP-12 hardware sampler. E-mu SP-12 is one of the most sought-after vintage samplers and has a legendary status […] View post: Free E-mu SP-12 Vintage Sampler VST Plugin By Analog Obsession … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Black Friday 2019 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers!

Black Friday 2019 is right around the corner. The best music production software deals and freebies will be listed on this page. We will update the article daily as soon as new deals are launched. The best deals are highlighted in red. Feel free to leave a comment if you find a deal that should […] View post: Black Friday 2019 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers! … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

Get The Wiggle Wavetable Synthesizer For $19 (No-Brainer Deal)

Plugin Boutique is running an 80% OFF no-brainer deal on the Wiggle wavetable synthesizer plugin by 2nd Sense Audio. Wiggle is a wavetable synthesizer in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible DAW applications on PC and Mac. The instrument features four powerful sound generator engines that allow the user to manipulate and automate […] View post: Get The Wiggle Wavetable Synthesizer For $19 (No-Brainer Deal) … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |…

[Past Perfect] Volume 1

Read this for full description: In the last few months, I have picked out records that I consider the most important and best from 1990 to 2005. Here and there I had to ask friends if they could provide me with digital recordings from vinyl, because I did not own much of the material myself anymore. After I had everything digitally available, I carefully (re)mastered each track, always staying close to the original, I didn’t want destroy that special “feeling” of that time. Not that it’s much important to you, probably, but I also pitch-corrected tracks that were slightly “off key”, partly because of unstable vinyl recordings or issues with the production itself. Back then not everything was 100%, especially not when producers used analog synths. After improving the music, I made a DJ mix out of it in my studio. And the result is now available to you, as a lossless FLAC file. You have never heard that music in a better sound quality! That’s why I call this mix series “Past Perfect”, because that’s what it is for me. Talking about “series”… this is the first installment. I have hundreds of more material from back then, so stay tuned for more. TRACKLISTING Junk Project – Composure [Universal Prime Breaks] Mara – Coming Down [Choo Choo Records] Schiller – Ruhe (Humate Remix) [Zeitgeist] Fingerfest Inc – Autoporno [Yoshitoshi Recordings] Brother Brown – Slap Me Some Skin [Yoshitoshi Recordings] Hardfloor – Acperience 1 [Harthouse Germany] Lowriders – Part 1 / Beat Rising [OneStar Recordings] Ramirez – ¡Hablando! [DFC] David Alvarado – Blue [Strive] Microwave Prince – Cyclic Evolution [Le Petit Prince] Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Hardfloor Remix) [Djax-Up-Beats]…

[Past Perfect] Volume 1 – A journey through the past

 Before I start describing what I did here I feel the need to thank a few people that — in one way or another — accompanied me on my journey of the past 25 years, be it just as a producer, DJ, friend, influencer, collaborator, promoter, partner or mentor. In no particular order: Marc Mitchell & Stuart King (Sunday Club) Robert Babicz Oskar Mitrowski (with whom I produced the first tracks) Ramon Zenker (legendary producer behind almost all of the dance music hits of the 90’s and beyond) & wife Selda Zenker Olaf Dieckmann (Wippenberg) Orhan Terzi (DJ Quicksilver) Jens Lissat The Polish crew of 1996 (you know who you are) All L2 Music artists Dave Seaman Luigi Paglialunga Gianni Di Muro Brent Lawson (Pro B Tech Music) Mitch Alexander (Release Promo) Josh Abrams Erik Ludwig (TRIBEHOUSE) Sarah Bremner Alejandro Coloma (Stylecharts) Barry & Sara Whittaker-Gilbey (Mara) Ali “Dubfire” Shirazinia (Deep Dish) Andry Nalin Sasha John Digweed Nick Warren Eddie Babbage Sam Gracie Ludger Aretz So what is that? Anyone born in the early ’70’s ​​(or earlier) has experienced this era when House and Techno established themselves on the worldwide charts and became one of the biggest and most successful music movements in history. Computer technology and synthesizers made it possible to create a hitherto unknown music, which at the time was still pressed onto records (or acetate), so that you could mix this music as a DJ in clubs, at a time when the CD was the most important musical medium of the time. I have fully experienced this time, both as a clubber and as a DJ. For me, this incredible and crazy journey started in 1992,…

BPB Bundle – 2GB Of FREE W.A. Production Samples ($19.90 Value)

W.A. Production is offering the BPB Bundle ($19.90 value) sound library as a completely free download for all BPB readers. The label is also offering a 20% OFF code for any additional purchase in their online store. BPB Bundle 2 GB worth of W.A. Production’s premium audio loops and samples. All sound content is provided […] View post: BPB Bundle – 2GB Of FREE W.A. Production Samples ($19.90 Value) … From: Bedroom Producers Blog |

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