Listen to NAVIGATOR byIngo Vogelmann on  Listen and download here for free! Dear friends, this is something I wanted to do for a looong time, digging up rare, eclectic and often unnoticed gems of Electronica, Slow Rave and Deep House, some with soulful ethnic vibes, and create a DJ mix of it. It’s been a long process to collect and select, so there’s really a lot of work in this. This is a completely free and uncommercial work for you to enjoy, but I want to ask you to support the artists involved, so please, check the tracklist and buy one or the other track (if you find it!). This is extremely well produced music of the highest quality and the people behind deserve more than just attention or listening to it. Go follow them on social media, Spotify, Soundcloud and whatnot, and again: please, buy some their stuff if you like it. This is a 6 hour journey which I recommend to approach very open-minded and with attention. As mentioned, this is fantastic music. I call this “Navigator” because the purpose of it is to navigate you through an entire universe of vibes and sounds by artists from very different places. I think, despite the differences, it’s a very homogenic piece that can be considered as one. The duration of it could navigate you through: a full working day a car, train, bus ride, flight or boat trip a full night of love a hike through breathtaking landscapes a climb up a beautiful and challenging mountain another kind of “trip” (be careful with drugs!) a visit at your mother in law an evening with friends by a cracking…


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