Dire Straits “Brothers in Arms” – A Classical Musician’s First Listen and Reaction

I grew up listening to the band Dire Straits and to this day “Brothers in Arms” is my all-time favorite album. When I hear the album’s title track on a good system today, it still brings tears to my eyes, it’s that good. Mark Knopfler’s guitar sings and cries, the whole piece is extremely powerful but understated.

A classical musician analyzed the piece very aptly from her point of view. Worth watching:

Rick Beato Interviews Steven Wilson

Yes, an interview with Steven Wilson again. This is no intention, it just happens.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a prospective, young producer or an old, experienced dog, this interview contains everything you need to know.

Two producer legends talk deeply about production, songwriting, mixing, recording, and everyone can only learn from it.