Zio Analog Front End + Booster – Source Audio’s first all analogue pedal

Source Audio ZIO Analog Front End + BoosterThe new Zio Analog Front End + Booster is a first for Source Audio. Normally associated with digital pedals, this is the company’s first all analogue pedal. The pedal is an all-in-one solution for the front end of your signal chain has some neat features designed to benefit your overall guitar tone.

Source Audio ZIO Analog Front End + Booster

The new ZIO from Source Audio comes with four preamp circuits, each with up to +20dB of additional output boost available. It is also Source Audio’s first all-analogue pedal, designed in collaboration with Christopher Venter, the owner and sole engineer at SHOE Pedals.

The word “ZIO” is an acronym for impedance (“Z” is the electrical symbol for impedance), input (“I”) and output (“O”). Designed to work with a high-impedance guitar signal, it enriches the sound with one of its four preamplifier circuits. Then finally, it is output as a powerful low-impedance signal that is not distorted by the effect pedals following the signal chain. In essence, it helps condition your signal, almost like a kind of Buffer / Preamp / Booster all in one.

Source Audio Zio

Source Audio Zio

High-End Components

High-quality, noisefree Burr Brown operational amplifiers give the ZIO maximum transparency and responsive pick dynamics, while maintaining fullness. The input impedance of 1 mega ohm is ideal for guitar pickups. The impedance of the output is 150 ohms, which is optimal to other pedals, or your amplifier.

4 Preamps

The four different preamp circuits are:

  • JFET offers completely transparent signal amplification without colouring or distorting.
  • LOW-CUT reduces “beaded” bass and ensures tight sound with more headroom.
  • STUDIO is inspired by the well-tried “Pultec trick”, a studio technique that provides more clarity by cutting off the muddy frequencies and improving articulation in the middle frequency range.
  • E-PLEX captures the focused and subtle sound of the preamplifiers that can be found in old Echoplex Tape Delay devices.

Cable Length Simulation

The unique TONE switch of the ZIO, labelled Bright/Med/Dark, offers three different capacitor stages (for simulated cable lengths). You can use this to brighten or darken the sound of your guitar. This is great for adding some high-end, or removing too much of it, to tailor your tone just the way you like it.

Source Audio Zio outputs

Source Audio Zio outputs

Bypass & Outputs

If you do not want to use the ZIO as an on/off boost, set the bypass toggle switch to “MUTE“. This mutes the pedal when the button is activated, and the signal is sent via the additional mute output. This is useful for when you you need your tuner for silent tuning, or when you want to change guitars at a gig without any pops.

There are some very useful features on this pedals, and I can see it being an invaluable tool for many players. Especially those that work with various setups, or do a lot of live work. Overall, a well thought out design with some good tonal choices.

RRP – USD 199

More Information on Source Audio

Source Audio Demo Video

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Deal: Save up to 67% on Softube plug-ins and software instruments

Softube DealsPlugin Boutique is currently offering some great deals on plug-ins and software instruments by Softube. You can save up to 67% off the regular price on many great mixing and mastering plug-ins and software synths. And Plugin Boutique even throws in an extra plug-in or mastering subscription from their box of goodies for free!

Softube plug-ins on sale at Plugin Boutique

Softube plug-ins enjoy an excellent reputation for a reason. The company’s many effect plug-ins are a staple for mixing and mastering, but also for creative sound design. The portfolio includes many recreations of classic analog hardware designs, such as the American and British Class A channel strips and the Valley People Dyna-Mite and Summit Audio TLA-100A compressors. Softube’s Model 72 Synthesizer System (an authentic Minimoog emulation) and the recently released Overstayer M-A-S plug-in are also on sale. If you’re always on the lookout for great additions to your plug-in folder, this deal is a perfect opportunity.

The following plug-ins and bundles are on sale at Plugin Boutique:

Prices and info

You’ll find the full list of discounted Softube plug-ins at Plugin Boutique*. These deals are good through January 31, 2022. Prices may vary slightly depending on your location.

The software requires macOS 10.13 or higher (though they’re still working on macOS 12 and M1 support) or Windows 10. The plug-ins are available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats (64 bit). You’ll need an iLok account or dongle for activation.

When you buy from Plugin Boutique, the distributor throws in a free gift. This month, you’ve got a choice of DJ Swivel Spread, Iceberg Audio Beatgrader or a three-month subscription to CloudBounce.

More information


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ToneGym Chord Progression Generator: A free online chord and learning tool

ToneGym Chord GeneratorWith the aim of providing musicians with tools that increase their composition skills and knowledge about music theory, ToneGym has now introduced a free online Chord Progression Generator. Solutions like these can be very useful in the songwriting process, especially when they are so straightforward and require no software installation of any kind. The ToneGym Chord Progression Generator is also especially useful for those looking to learn about songwriting and music production. Resources of this nature can be very useful, so let us know which are your favorites in the comments below.

How does the ToneGym Chord Progression Generator work?

The simple interface allows you to view the chord progression you are playing back in either a piano key or a guitar fret mode, which will widen appeal for some. The page also has a brief explanation of different aspects of chord progression theory, including relative chords and inversions. The chord generator itself has tempo and loop functions, as well as the ability to play the chords back as ascending or descending arpeggios. One of the most useful features for beginners is the library of chord progressions available, as this can teach you how certain progressions are synonymous with particular musical styles or eras.

ToneGym Online Tools

Check out some of ToneGym’s other Online Music Tools.

Once you’ve learned a few different progressions, you can begin composing your own custom progressions and even step outside the realms of traditional music scales if you need to. ToneGym’s Chord Progression Generator plays back the progressions according to voice-leading principles and the ability to loop playback makes it useful for playing or singing along when you need to voice different instruments in your composition or simply to inspire ideas. Both the ToneGym and SoundGym sites are useful resources for musicians, producers, and engineers, so be sure to check them out.

More Music Resources

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