Analogue Solutions Fusebox X: More notes, more sockets, more orange

Analogue Solutions Fusebox XAnalogue Solutions updates the Fusebox monophonic synthesizer to the Fusebox X tri-phonic synthesizer with more patching ability and loads of other improvements.

Fusebox X

It’s deliciously orange and even brighter than the original Fusebox. It’s the sort of synth that dominates the space it sits in largely because it sits up in such a demanding fashion.

We don’t have the finer details yet and hopefully, more demo videos will be along in time, but we do know that the Fusebox X has 3 notes of polyphony. I’m not sure if that simply means that the three oscillators have been freed to play their own tunes or if the polyphony is fully articulated through a filter and VCA for each voice. However, as this is based on the core of the original then it’s likely to be paraphonic with the individual oscillators moving independently through the one filter and VCA section – that makes the most sense.

The basic structure remains the same with the 3 VCOs enjoying sync and cross-modulation, a noise generator, a SEM-like 12dB filter, 2 envelopes and an LFO.

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

Analogue Solutions Fusebox X

Further enhancements include replacing some of the rocker switches that defined routing with patch sockets making it much more free-flowing. The Interval Generator and Patternator pots have had an upgrade and gains a clock input with automatic transposition. The arpeggiator has been replaced with a mini step sequencer. It also has a 440Hz tuner tone built-in for giving you a reference to tune the oscillators to.

Analogue Solutions are taking orders for £1,350 and there will be limited numbers available direct and via their international dealers.

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