512 Audio: new Script & Tempest USB mics, audio interface for streamers

512 Audio rangeDuring CES 2022, Warm Audio spin-off 512 Audio unveiled a pair of new USB microphones and an audio interface meant to streamline audio production for content creators. The microphones in question are called Script and Tempest, and the sleek little box is the 512 Audio Interface. With Warm Audio resources and expertise to readily tap into, I figure these will be solid products for the money.

512 Audio Script USB microphone

512 Audio Script

512 Audio Script USB microphone

Script is a dual-capsule USB microphone with onboard gain and mute controls. Its sound profile is modelled after the Warm Audio WA-14, in itself a clone of the venerable AKG C414. The microphone features both cardioid and omni pickup patterns as well as a dedicated headphone jack. It’s supposedly optimised for voice and speech, which makes sense considering the C414’s vocal mic heritage.

The Script will be available in Spring 2022 at GBP 130. More information here.

512 Audio Tempest USB microphone

512 Audio Tempest

512 Audio Tempest USB microphone

Tempest is a large-diaphragm condenser that replicates the design and character of the Warm Audio WA-47Jr, a popular choice for a Neumann U47 clone. It supports a recording resolution of 24-bit / 48kHz which is quite adequate. Connecting over USB-C, the microphone features gain controls, a mute control and a headphone jack with dedicated volume knob. Modeled after the old U47 which sounds right on almost anything, the Tempest is capable of handling voice (for podcasts and livestreams), acoustic instruments, and vocals alike.

The Tempest will be available in March 2022 at GBP 155. More information here.

512 Audio Interface

512 Audio interface

512 Audio interface

The 512 audio interface is an uncomplicated means of digital recording. It features a pair of XLR mic/instrument inputs with studio quality preamps, as well as an input for stereo line devices (such as phones) to record external audio along with the incoming signals. I think the latter is something undeservedly rare that should be seen on more audio interfaces, because I’m sick of Y-cables. Anyway, the 512 interface also offers two headphone outputs with independent volume controls.

More information about the 512 interface (such as its price) will be revealed by Summer 2022. For the time being, feel free to pay 512audio.com a visit.

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