Two Impulse Responses at once? You can with the new Mooer Cab X2

Mooer Cab X2The Mooer Cab X2 follows on from the Preamp Model X2 dual channel digital preamp we saw earlier this week. But this time it is all about having Impulse Responses on your pedalboard, with up to two at the same time.

Mooer Cab X2

Mooer’s new Cab X2¬†offers 14 editable preset slots for your cabinet simulations, handled via Impulse Responses. You get 11 IRs preinstalled from the factory, and the ability to load your own IRs to 2048 pts via the free Mooer Studio software. The pedal is connected via a¬†USB-C and comes with a standard USB-A to USB-C cable in the package.

Mooer Cab X2


The pedal has High Cut, Low Cut, Latency, Level, and Cabinet control knobs. You also get two footswitches, Bypass and A/B, and a Save button. And just like the rest of the X2 series, you have LEDs on the side of the unit that indicate the preset currently selected.


Factory presets IRs

Inputs & Outputs

In addition to the dual mono input and the mini jack headphone output, the pedal also has a dual mono output that can be used as a stereo out or, if you prefer, two mono speaker outs. This allows you to emulate a real stereo setup.

Currently, it looks like the new Cab X2 costs a little more than the wallet-friendly¬†Mooer Radar*, but less than the popular¬†Two Notes Torpedo Cab M*, and sits somewhere in between both in terms of price and features. It looks like a handy little pedal. I’m certain that many players will appreciate the flexibility it will bring to live and studio pedalboard setups.

As is often the case with Mooer, the Cab X2 is not currently listed on the main company website, so the details are a little lacking. However, I suspect it will be showing up on dealer sites worldwide about now.

RRP – EUR 149

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