Mooer Preamp Model X2: A compact new Dual-Channel Digital Preamp pedal

Mooer Preamp Model X2 - Dual-Channel Digital Preamp pedalThe new Mooer Preamp Model X2 offers a dual channel digital preamp in a compact pedal format. This could be a great addition for players looking to sculpt their tone own smaller pedalboard setups.

Mooer Preamp Model X2

This is the latest addition to the Mooer X2 Series, following on from the company’s Delay and Reverb and the Groove Loop stereo looper. The dual channel digital preamp in the new Preamp Model X2 gives players access to 3 cabinet simulations, along with support for third-party IRs/Impulse Response plus 14 editable user presets. Each of the 14 presets has two different channel settings available via Channel A/Purple and Channel B/Blue, so you can easily switch between the two types. The foot switches can be used as an on/off, or to select the presets.


Mooer Preamp Model X2 – Dual-Channel Digital Preamp

Mooer Studio

I like that Mooer has its own free Mooer Studio editing software. This way users can build and tweak their own presets and then upload them to the pedal via USB C. The editing software can also used for loading up third party Impulse Responses, and to load sample files recorded by actual amplifiers using Mooer’s MNRS technology.


Mooer Preamp Model X2

Versatile Preamp?

You get the basic controls on the front of the pedal itself, so you can also adjust them on the fly. These include Level, Gain, Bass, Middle, and Treble, plus a Save button. The pedal runs on a standard 9V DC power supply and comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable for the Mooer Studio software. This could be a handy little pedal with all these editable settings, though currently there are no official audio demos or details on the main Mooer site. If any demos surface of this new pedal, we will add them below. For now, we have to go on the fairly minimal specifications shared by Mooer.


RRP – EUR 149

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