SSL Fusion HF Compressor plug-in: smooth compression and tape roll-off

SSL HF CompressorSSL keeps spinning its Fusion analog processor into plug-ins that break the hardware down into its constituent modules. Next in line is the Fusion HF Compressor plug-in which emulates its high frequency smoothing circuit. The HF circuit imparts pleasant analog ’rounding’ to audio that may sound too harsh or clinical without similar processing.

SSL Fusion HF Compressor plug-in

By SSL’s own words, the Fusion HF Compressor plug-in can impart tape-like roll-off and smooth compression by taming harsh or brittle high frequencies. This contributes to polished-sounding stems, mixes, and masters. Like the rest of the Fusion modules, this one is quite simple to use.

The X-OVER parameter lets you adjust the frequencies affected by the HF Compressor. Threshold dials in how much compression you want and Mix blends the result with the original signal. There’s also the Autogain feature which brings the rounded HF signal back to its original level.

Likewise, the Listen feature lets you hear the affected frequencies in isolation from the rest of the signal. ECO mode is also available to reduce latency and CPU use during tracking and monitoring. Finally, metering is provided by the Gain Reduction History graph and Gain Reduction meter.

SSL HF Compressor GUI

SSL HF Compressor plug-in

SSL is taking its plug-ins seriously and I expect good things from the HF Compressor. Oxford, keep bringing it!

SSL Fusion HF Compressor – Price and availability

SSL Fusion HF Compressor is available now from the SSL web store at an introductory price of EUR 119 (down from EUR 159). You can also have it as part of the SSL Native Complete subscription bundle starting at USD 15 per month. A free 14-day trial version and .PDF user guide can be downloaded from the product page.

SSL plug-ins work under macOS Mojave or later and Windows 8.1 or later in 64-bit VST2, VST3, AAX and AU formats.

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More about the Fusion HF Compressor

SSL Fusion HF Compressor – Video

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