Waves SSL EV2 Channel: SSL 4000E console sound for your DAW

SSL EV2 ChannelWaves launched a new SSL-authorized plug-in to really kick off its Black Friday campaign. The new SSL EV2 Channel reincarnates the SSL 4000E console channel strip complete with an emulation of the SSL O2 Brown EQ, mic/line input saturation, and other accomplishments facilitated by Waves’ Precision Analog Component modeling tech. Here’s more about the new plug-in, built from referencing an authentic SSL-selected console…

Waves SSL EV2 Channel

One of the more interesting features in what’s otherwise a faithful SSL channel strip for your DAW is the ability to switch between the ‘Black’ and ‘Brown’ SSL EQs. The former is clean and crisp, the latter is crunchy and saturated. Additionally, there’s the Analog switch to introduce harmonic distortion in what could be a reasonably clean input section otherwise.

The Dynamics section features both the soft-knee compressor/limiter and gate/expander that you can place before or after the EQ to your taste. Make-up gain is applied automatically, as is in the original hardware.

All in all, the SSL EV2 channel doesn’t seem to skip a beat. It appears to be up there with brainworx’s exhaustive SSL emulations and even the Oxford manufacturer’s own plug-ins in terms of quality and obsessive attention to detail. With over 600 presets from almost everyone that’s ever mattered in mainstream music production in the past 20 years or so, this one comes in seriously packing!

SSL EV2 Channel

SSL EV2 Channel

Price and availability

SSL EV2 Channel is available now from Waves in all major plug-in formats, priced USD 40 (down from the regular USD 249). You may be aware that Waves stuff is on a perpetual sale, so by all means explore all the available purchase options (discounts, bundles, upgrades, etc) before plunking down the cash. For example, owners of the SSL E or G Channel Waves plug-ins can nab the EV2 Channel for just USD 30 at the moment. As usual, Waves provides a free demo version and a downloadable user manual as well.

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