Steinberg Cubase 12 is coming in 2022 with a new licensing scheme

Steinberg CubaseSteinberg has revealed that Cubase 12 is scheduled to arrive in 2022. There’s not much to say about the new version of the DAW yet, but we do already know that it will indeed feature a new licensing system that does away with the unpopular eLicenser dongle. The grace period for updates from Cubase 11 starts today.

Steinberg Cubase 12 will arrive in 2022.

While Steinberg hasn’t specified an exact date for the release of Cubase 12, the company says that the next major update of the DAW software will arrive next year. Although the developer states that Cubase will bring “inspiring new features and significant workflow improvements”, they’ve yet to unveil what those will be.

While we don’t know the release date yet, the grace period for updates starts today. This means that if you purchase Cubase 11 from today onwards, you’ll receive a free update to Cubase 12 when it comes out.

Steinberg introduces new ID-based licensing system

The most interesting part of today’s news is Steinbergs announcement of a new licensing system. We already knew that the company was working on ways to get rid of the unpopular eLicenser dongle. The new system will be ID-based, meaning that you’ll log into your software with your Steinberg ID to activate it. The software will then “call home” to check your license.

The good news is that your DAW machine won’t have to be connected to the internet at all times. Steinberg says that the software will continue to function offline for 30 days, before reconnecting to the server to validate the license. This means that you can take your computer off the net temporarily, e.g. if you’re working on the road, without having to worry about getting your DAW software to work.

If you’d rather not connect your DAW computer to the internet at all, that’s possible, too. According to Steinberg, there’ll be an option to log into your user account on a different machine and check out an offline license for a period of one year. This can then be installed on your offline DAW machine. From what we understand, you’ll have to repeat this process once a year.

The new licensing system will make its debut in the upcoming release of Dorico 4 early next year, before being introduced to Cubase with the release of Cubase 12 at a later date.

What do you think – is Steinberg’s new licensing system a good idea? And which new features do you hope for in Cubase 12? Let us know in the comments.

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