Soundpaint takes on the Rhodes and Commodore 64 SID Chip

Soundpaint Rhodes and C64The new sampled instrument platform conjures up a 1976 Vintage Rhodes and does some ultra-deep sampling of the Commodore 64’s chiptune soul.

Just a week after 8Dio launched Soundpaint with seven instruments and the free Steinway sampled piano that comes alive in the real-time rendering engine, Soundpaint is adding two new instruments to their library.

Rhodes 1976

If you’re still in shock about the price of the Rhodes MK8 electric piano then maybe a $20 punt on this deep-sampled vintage Rhodes captured for the remarkable Soundpaint sound engine might provide you with some of that vibe in software form. The instrument in question was an 88 keyed Rhodes MK1 from 1976 in pristine condition.

The instrument was sampled with three different microphone perspectives including Cabinet, DI and hanging a mic over the body of the piano to capture the natural key noises. Sampling was done of both sustained and staccato playing styles.

I’ve been impressed by the dynamic sound coming out of an otherwise rather dull-looking Soundpaint engine. Impressed enough to come up with the $20 to give this electric piano a go.

Commodore C64 UDS

Pivoting to the other end of musical styles Soundpaint has a go at sampling the essence of Chiptune in some Ultra-Deep-Sampled (UDS) SID chips. They captured three different SID chips over two generators of chipsets from the SID Station and MOS Sammich. You’ll find a massive assortment of sounds in their raw state along with additional recordings using some nicely warming analogue gear.

I wasn’t tempted to come up with the $40 for this library myself but it sounds pretty fabulous if the video is anything to go by. Troels Folmann from Soundpaint introduces the library in the video and is evidently enthralled by the music that came out of the C64 that formed a soundtrack to his childhood and it makes for interesting viewing. He also mentioned how they have a 1-bit synthesizer sound library coming out very soon.

More information from Soundpaint

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