Wavegrove UTU: Transient shaping plug-in with a twist

Wavegrove UTUWavegrove has released UTU, a new transient shaper plug-in for your DAW. By letting you adjust and process the attack and sustain phases separately, UTU lets you dial in just how punchy you want a track to be. With added filters and a mid-side processing option, UTU has a few tricks up its sleeve that set it apart from other transient shapers.

Wavegrove UTU

Like other transient shapers, UTU divides the signal into attack and sustain phases, which you can adjust and process separately. The Time control sets the length of the attack phase. Set it to short values for added punch on drum tracks, or to longer values for processing the mix bus without choking it.

The Attack and Sustain controls determine the volume of the attack and sustain phases. These work in both directions, so you can add punch or tone down the attack to make a track blend well with others.

In addition to these basic controls, UTU has a few extras on offer. Both the attack and sustain sections offer a pair of shelving EQs for further shaping of the two phases, along with buttons for high-frequency smoothing. This means that you can adjust the frequency content of just the attack or the sustain, which opens up some interesting creative possibilities. It’s also possible to blend the processed signal with the dry signal using the Wet and Out controls, so the effect can be as subtle or as pronounced as you’d like.

Another interesting feature is located right in the center: Unlike many other transient shapers, UTU offers a choice of stereo or mid-side (M/S) processing. By applying the effect only to the center or the sides of the stereo field, the plug-in can help to shape the stereo image of your track. Nice!

Price and compatibility

Wavegrove UTU is now available for USD 19.99. Enter the code wvgrvnovember2021 at checkout for a 50% discount. And if you support the developer on Patreon, you’ll receive UTU for free.

The plug-in runs on macOS and Windows in VST3 and AU formats.

More information about Wavegrove UTU

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