Apogee Clearmountain’s Phases: Bob Clearmountain’s modulation FX rack for your DAW

Apogee Clearmountain's Phases featuredWith Clearmountain’s Phases, hardware and software manufacturer Apogee presents a plug-in attempt to realistically emulate the vintage flanger and phaser rack modules from audio guru Bob Clearmountain. It also comes with a number of presets from his personal library that he’s used in his definitive works (for the likes of Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and other icons). The effects can also be interconnected in a modular sense, and in a wide variety of ways, so sound designers should be able to come up with some interesting results with this tool. Let’s check it out!

Apogee Clearmountain’s Phases

Clearmountain’s Phases is another signature Apogee plug-in made in collaboration with renowned sound engineer, mixer and producer Bob Clearmountain . As the name suggests, this tool deals with phaser and flanger modulation effects of the highest tier. More specifically, Apogee recreated the vintage flanger and phaser rack modules from the Clearmountain recording studio. The possibility to freely interconnect the signal path of these effects is very nice, especially considering you won’t be spending valuable life time hunched behind a rack…

The multi-effects plug-in offers quality analog sound with feedback, LFO and BBD circuits. The tool is also visually representative of the hardware for added realism. Various filters, dry / wet mix knob, and manual routing options provide welcome versatility. The included presets are also very interesting. These are from Bob Clearmountain’s private library himself. Check out the sound samples in the demo videos to get an impression.

Apogee Clearmountain's Phases

Apogee Clearmountain’s Phases

Apogee Clearmountain’s Phases – Price and availability

Apogee Clearmountain’s Phases is available from the company’s website for USD 149. But you can also acquire it on a rent-to-own basis and pay USD 10 / month for 15 months until you own the license. The plug-in runs under macOS 10.11 or higher and Windows 10 or higher in AU, AAX and VST plug-in formats. You need a free iLok account (or paid USB dongle) for authorization. An unrestricted demo version is also available as a download from the manufacturer’s website.

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