Mastering The Mix Reso identifies and eliminates resonances in your mixes

Mastering The Mix ResoMastering The Mix has released Reso, a dynamic resonance suppressor plug-in. Reso helps to identify unpleasant resonances in your audio tracks and mixes. It then cleans up the audio without affecting the transients and phase, the developer says.

Mastering The Mix Reso

Excessive resonances can give your mixes a harsh and unpleasant sound. Finding and removing them can be a lengthy and tedious process. Reso, the latest plug-in from Mastering The Mix, is designed to help you identify problematic frequencies, and resolve them quickly and effortlessly.

The plug-in features a frequency analyzer display and a sweep tool to help you find any unpleasant resonances, along with an automatic Calculate Targets feature. Once you’ve identified the culprits, you can double click to create a node, and drag it to where you want the suppression to start. Mastering The Mix says that the Q is automatically optimized for the frequency in question, but you can adjust it manually if necessary.

Reso features transparent, mastering-grade filters to clean up harsh and unpleasant frequencies without compromising the transients and phase of the audio. Mastering The Mix says that the plug-in guides you to the perfect amount of reduction that dynamically resolves the resonance without thinning out your mix too much.

According to the developer, the plug-in works on any channel, from vocals to synths to percussion. You can also throw it on busses or use it on your final mix in your mastering chain.

Price and compatibility

Mastering The Mix Reso is now available for an introductory price of USD 58, down from USD 69. When you buy the plug-in from Plugin Boutique*, you’ll also receive their monthly free offer, which is rather nice this month and includes PUNISH Lite, LEVELS, AAS Player (including one free sound bank) and Autoformer.

Reso requires macOS 10.10 or higher (M1 compatible) or Windows 7 or higher (64 bit). It comes in AU, AAX, VST and VST3 formats. A 14-day trial version is available from the developer’s website.

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