MIA Labs 925 Compressor MK2: Physical modelling plug-in gets a revamp

MIA Labs 925 compressor MK2 featuredThe original 925 compressor by MIA Labs is a niche but well-loved compressor plug-in that tried something different for a change. MIA designed it using physical modelling principles and liberal inspiration from coveted vintage units. The concept has reached its second development milestone with the release of 925 Compressor MK2. Here’s more about the changes and upgrades applied to the 925.

MIA Labs 925 Compressor MK2

Something very characteristic of the 925 comp’s design is that the sidechain detection circuit is based on a basic analog envelope detector which results in a lively dynamic response.

The high detection speed lets the compressor follow the actual waveform instead of just the envelope. Along with the logarithmic gain reduction, this produces more natural-sounding compression and contributes to the 925 compressor’s versatility. The plug-in is suitable for both track and bus compression, including mastering applications. Additionally, the 925 compressor has a variable knee response to really slam transient-heavy sounds like percussion and rock vocals.

For 925 MK2, MIA Labs introduced Slope / Ratio mode selection which completely changes the compression character and dynamic response. The Damping control is new to 925 MK2, enabling greater control and shaping of the output signal’s envelope. Additional improvements include improved CPU performance, new sidechain filtering and band compression options, Dry/Wet mix control, and resizable user interface.

MIA Labs 925 Compressor MK2

MIA Labs 925 Compressor MK2

Price and availability

925 compressor MK2 is on an introductory sale for EUR 39, down from EUR 129. It’s a free upgrade for owners of the original 925 comp. A free 14-day trial version is available as well. The plug-in works under Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.7 or later in 64-bit AAX, AU, and VST3 formats. An iLok account (free) or USB dongle (paid) is required for authorization. The plug-in ships with 29 presets as starting points for a variety of use cases.

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