Roland Zentracker for Android and iOS: a recording app goes beyond the essentials

Roland ZenTrackerIt took a while, but Roland is bringing its music production vision to mobile devices with a recording app that’s unmistakably “modern Roland”. This is ZenTracker, a free app for Android and iOS devices that claims “mobile studio” functionality without the complexity. Let’s see what big R’s been up to…

Roland Zentracker

Zentracker is a multitrack recording app designed to serve as a well rounded-out “trackpad” to quickly jot down spontaneous musical ideas before they evaporate, forever. It’s a reasonably powerful app for what it is, with features like unlimited track counts, 16 integrated audio effects, editing (with reverse, time-stretch, etc), timeline automation, and 200 included loops.

Roland Cloud members are privileged to an expanded set of features which also includes stem exports, AUv3 plug-ins on iOS, 8 track effects slots, unlimited track sends, 20+ loop packs, and additional effects. Whew, that’s quite the list for a simple mobile recorder – basically, everything’s there if you need it (and a Roland Cloud subscription isn’t out of the question).

Zentracker projects can be saved on your device and shared over cloud services (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Roland Cloud). It goes without saying that stem and track exports are prime and ready for further development on your desktop/laptop/thingamabob once you manage to pry them out of your mobile device’s obscure file system. Don’t ask, I spent like 2 hours syncing a bunch of mp3s to my iPhone yesterday and I’m still bitter as all heck.

Roland Zentracker

Things are certainly looking up for Zentracker. It looks like a very meaningful, powerful app that’s more than just the brand name it carries. I’d trust Roland to wheel out a well-designed product that’s capable, but accessible. After all, Roland made the 808 and look where are we now! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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