NUGEN Audio Paragon ST: A stereo convolution reverb without limits

Nugen Audio Paragon STNUGEN Audio Paragon ST… does the name ring a bell? It ought to, because of a plug-in of the same name, without the “ST” suffix, which was released almost a year ago. Paragon is a convolution reverb specialised in 3D sound – and we took a closer look at it in this article. The recently released Paragon ST focuses entirely on stereo instead. It is also more affordable in comparison.

NUGEN Audio Paragon ST

The similarities to Paragon are significant, given that it’s literally the same reverb engine being used. The technology is impulse response re-synthesis, which can be described as a mix between convolution and algorithmic reverb. Contrary to most reverb plug-ins based on impulse responses, no time-stretching is being used. According to NUGEN Audio, this generates reverbs which are artifact-free. Owing to the synthesis component, Paragon ST does not ship with multi-gigabytes of IR files, either. However, the customisation options are still quite flexible.

For example, Paragon ST includes settings for stereo-width and modulation. Some parameters, such as pre-delay, can be synchronized to the host tempo. Another point of interest is the Mic Distance Control which lets you position a virtual microphone further forwards or backwards in the simulated space. This lets you define the sound and response of the early reflections.

Price and availability

Until December 6, 2021 you pay the introductory price of EUR 129 (EUR 153.51 with tax) instead of the regular price of EUR 254 (plus taxes). Meanwhile, you can grab Paragon ST from Plugin Boutique at just under EUR 146 (affiliate link).

Paragon ST works in 64-bit VST3, AU, AAX, and AudioSuite formats under macOS (10.9 or newer) and Windows (Vista or newer). You can find instructions (in PDF format) and a free demo version on the NUGEN Audio website.

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