Cableguys NoiseShaper plug-in: the science of noise in 2021

Cableguys NoiseshaperWe already knew that Cableguys was brewing up something new because of one David Guetta. Now, the cat is out of the bag, and it goes by the name of NoiseShaper, and follows the same approach that made Cableguys plug-ins so popular. For this very reason, it is also part of the ShaperBox 2 bundle.

Cableguys NoiseShaper

For Cableguys, the “special sauce” for lo-fi beats and exciting mixes is a bunch of noise! And NoiseShaper offers plenty of it, combined with the usual features of ShaperBox plug-ins. You control the noise chaos specifically using LFOs, which you can completely design yourself and run freely, or synchronised to a beat. A ducking mode and an envelope follower are also available.

With functions such as trim and mono, as well as high and low-pass filters, you can shape the sounds to match the mix. You can also trigger the noise via three frequency bands, which makes quite sophisticated effects possible. As usual with ShaperBox plug-ins, NoiseShaper also shows you graphically what is going on with the audio signal.

Since noise doesn’t just mean hissing and vinyl crackling, you also get a large selection of noise sources. They are roughly divided into three categories: Noise, Organic and Analogue. Take your pick! Overall, NoiseShaper looks like a super fun plug-in which should provide some happy accidents, especially with all styles of electronic music.

Cableguys Noiseshaper

Cableguys Noiseshaper

Price and availability

Cableguys NoiseShaper works under macOS (10.9 or later) and Windows (7 or later) in VST, AU, and AAX plug-in formats. You can get online instructions and a free demo version from the Cableguys website. For the introductory period, you pay EUR 29 instead of EUR 50. The ShaperBox 2 bundle is also on sale, which means you can get it for EUR 89 instead of EUR 283. And that’s definitely a deal to consider!

More information on Cableguys

Cableguys NoiseShaper Demo Videos


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