Noise Engineering new modules, firmware and plugins

Noise Engineering modules and pluginsA new Versio firmware offers twisted auto-wah while the Melotus Versio brings grain delay and transformation. Vice Virga is out and the plugins are officially released.

Vice Virga

We saw this module presented over Superbooth and for a sequential switch, it’s remarkably interesting. It has 8 inputs and 8 outputs with manual, trigger and CV control and the ability to be split into groups. It has multiple switching directions and randomisation built it. It can do the regular 8-channel switching but it can also be two 4-channel switches or four 2-channel ones. It lets you chain sequences, swap oscillator outputs, remix triggers and can patch all sorts of things for you.

It’s shipping this week for $199.

Melotus Versio

Noise Engineering is calling this a Stereo Texturizer that uses granular processing to transform and reshape sound. Designed to be part of your performance it likes to freeze grains, filter and shimmer things into transformed sounds. It’s difficult to explain so check out the video.

Melotus Versio is also shipping this week for $350.

Lacrima Versio

This one is a firmware for the Versio range and hasn’t been made into a module of its own. It’s an auto-wah but in typical Noise Engineering style, it’s been turned into a monster. It has an envelope follower patched into a resonance filter that can be morphed between modes. Distortion is available pre or post the filter or both for some unexpected crunch. It has width and motion control with audio rate modulation and many possibilities.

Lacrima Versio is a free download for any Versio owner.


Meanwhile the Freequel bundle of beta plugins they released back in July are now officially released and are still officially free. So go and pick up Ruina, Sinc Vereor and Virt Vereor right now.

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