W.A. Productions InstaComposer generates tracks at the click of a button

W.A. Productions InstaComposerW.A. Productions has released InstaComposer, a new MIDI generator plug-in that churns out melodies, rhythms, bass lines, pads and chords at the click of a button. Stuck in a creative block and can’t come up with anything? Let InstaComposer do the work for you.

W.A. Productions InstaComposer

The developer calls InstaComposer a “new-generation MIDI generator plug-in”. According to W.A. Productions, it uses a complex algorithm and a decision-making matrix to generate notes, rhythms and chords based on adjustable probability and complexity settings, as well as the specified scale and time signature. Sounds like a great way to come up with new ideas!

The plug-in offers five channels, each of which can be set to either Melody, Rhythm, Bass, Pad or Chord. By adjusting the repetition probability, harmonic variations, strumming techniques and note density, you can tell the automatic composer what you want it to do. A piano roll style interface gives you a visual idea of what’s going on.

For each of the five tracks (or for all at once), InstaComposer generates as many custom patterns as you’d like, serving as an endless source of inspiration. The plug-in also includes a number of factory presets and musical motifs. But you don’t have to rely on the algorithm alone: You can also use the automatically generated patters as a starting point, and tweak the results by moving, copying or deleting notes, or changing the velocity.

Depending on the DAW, you can link up to five MIDI tracks to InstaComposer’s five channels by setting up a multi instrument, for previewing all five channels in real time. You can also drag&drop the generated patterns directly onto your DAW’s MIDI tracks.

W.A. Productions InstaComposer looks like a great way to come up with new ideas – even if you don’t suffer from writer’s block.

Price and availability

W.A. Productions InstaComposer is now available from Plugin Boutique* for an introductory price of USD 28.65. That’s less than a third of the list price. And if you purchase from Plugin Boutique, you’ll also receive their monthly freebie (currently Heavyocity Punish Lite) for free.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.15 or higher or Windows 8 or higher in VST and AU formats.

More information about InstaComposer


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