Korg Modwave gets Sample Builder and more in the 1.1 update

Korg ModwaveThe Sample Builder that was recently released for the Korg Wavestate makes it onto the Modwave where you can load up to 4GB of your own samples.

Modwave 1.1

The Korg Modwave comes with a whole bank of PCM sample content that can be used in the oscillators to mix with the wavetables. Firmware version 1.1 opens up 4GB of storage inside the Modwave for your own samples. A user bank can have up to 3,000 mono or 1,500 stereo samples built into Multisample instruments.

The Kaoss Physics gets a new parameter with Lag Time which smooths out the modulation values to give gentler changes to the motion of the ball. That’s about all there is that’s particularly interesting. There are plenty of other little updates and tweaks to the user interface, operation and naming of things that are all detailed in the documents that come with the update.

The documentation says that the firmware update adds support for the Editor/Librarian which is odd because I reviewed the Modwave back in July with a fully functional Editor/Librarian, albeit version 0.9.14. Maybe this is the first official release? In any case, the Editor is here, version 1.01, and includes support for the Sample Builder and importing of user sample banks.

Korg Modwave Editor

Korg Modwave Editor

Sample Builder

We saw the Sample Builder with the Korg Wavestate and it’s exactly the same deal for the Modwave, in fact the manual references the Wavestate so it must be the same software. Makes you wonder whether you could run the Wavestate firmware in the Modwave and vice versa? Anyway, the Sample Builder lets you drag and drop samples into the software and create multisampled instruments. You can trim the start and endpoints, set up loops and other simple sample type functions and then dump it across to the synthesizer. It adds a whole new dimension to an already fun and engaging little synth.

Korg Modwave Sample Builder

Korg Modwave Sample Builder

The firmware update, Editor update and Sample Builder are all free downloads available from the Korg website.

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