Overloud GEM Modula: 3 modulation effects you will actually use!

Overloud GEM Modula featuredOverloud followed up the release of its free Roland Dimension-D chorus emulation with a full-blown modulation effects collection – the GEM Modula. That’s how you get people going before a big release. In fact, Overloud is playing us like a vintage violin and we’re loving every minute of it! Anyway, here’s GEM Modula…

Overloud GEM Modula modulation effects

GEM Modula packs extended emulations of three classic modulation units – the Roland Dimension D, the Solina String Ensemble, and the Yamaha SPX90. All plug-ins share some core functionality and controls – namely, Dual Mode (independent L/R channel settings), input stage saturation, stereo width, custom LFO shapes, parametric EQ, envelope modulation for parameters, and sync to BPM.

You may have encountered other emulations of the units in questions in your production life. For the uninitiated, here’s the gist. The Roland chorus has that mid-80’s / early 90’s character that’s especially prominent on vocals, but it’s also good for reverb-less depth enhancement and harmonic saturation. You gotta try this one out on both tracks and buses.

The Solina String Ensemble is the chorus circuit from the manufacturer’s classic string machines. It sounds h-u-g-e, almost comically so when driven hard. Then, the Yamaha unit is your 90’s digital chorus that goes on anything, especially if you want to forego subtlety. I mean, Zakk Wylde famously used this one, and if you’re into him, you know how his lead tone is drenched in chorus.

Overloud Dimension D

Each effect has the Overloud enhancements mentioned earlier – input saturation, parametric EQ, and stereo width. It also has envelope modulation for the parameters, along with custom LFO shapes to expand the variety of modulation effects.

Modula enhancements

The Modula enhancements

Price and availability

GEM Modula is available with the traditionally tempting Overloud introductory discount which sees the regular EUR 129 price reduced to EUR 70 until October 4, 2021. A free trial version is available as well. Overloud plug-ins typically work under macOS (10.9 or later) and Windows (Vista or later) in 32-bit and 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX formats.

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