Wavegrove Maji: transformer plug-in saturates and compresses using physics

Wavegrove MajiWavegrove is taking the path that smaller developers are taking increasingly often: instead of selling their products via their own website (which is an ongoing investment), they sell them on Gumroad and Patreon. That certainly makes things a lot easier and frees up more resources for development. Maji is a new plug-in from the up-and-coming manufacturer that combines saturator, compressor, and EQ in a great-sounding way.

Wavegrove Maji

According to Wavegrove, the plug-in is based on principles derived from the laws of physics. It’s not like the same doesn’t apply towards most hardware-inspired plug-ins, anyway. But yeah, physics! Maji works like a kind of transformer that is “pushed” beyond its natural limit, so to say. This creates a natural type of compression that you cannot hone with parameters like attack and release. There are two additional controls, however, to let you determine how the effect of compression and simultaneous transformer saturation behaves.

You can regulate the compression amount with Strain, and the harmonics added by the saturation with Grain. A bias control is also provided, changing up the harmonic overtones by the power of sheer cyber-electricity.

Additionally, there are two EQ controls to let you edit bass and treble. The treble control should be adept at adding soft highs or eliminating harsh frequencies and at the same time providing a little more “air”.

You will also find a controller for output gain , and the delta button is used to adjust the input and output volume even more precisely . And then there is a bypass switch and a button that you can use to switch oversampling from 4 to 16 times.

Price and availability

Wavegrove Maji works in VST, VST3 and Audio Unit formats under Windows and macOS. You can get the plug-in from Gumroad for a tenner (USD 10), or subscribe for a Patreon membership.

More information about Wavegrove

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