Flowsonics Intercosm: A creative and affordable shimmer reverb plug-in

Flowsonics IntercosmAlthough fairly new to the plug-in business, Flowsonics has introduced its second plug-in, Intercosm. After Graindrop, Flowsonics goes to other realms – shimmer reverb.

Flowsonics Intercosm

Intercosm starts with the signal passing through a granular pitch shifter that’s then fed into an algorithmic reverb. Processed there, the signal is fed back into the pitch shifter. Alternatively, you can send the output of the pitch shifter back in itself. In the feedback section, you can switch between pre and post modes. The pitch shifter itself can also be operated in three modes (single, inverse, solo). So you can see that there are plenty of sound design options.

But there is more. You can tune the sound up to two octaves up or down and use the gain control to adjust the volume. Because there is a granular engine in here, you get interesting creative options. You will also find a reverse mode that either plays the grains, the incoming signal, or the output in reverse.

The FDN Reverb (FDN stands for Feedback Delay Network) with eight delay lines provides controls for size, decay, damping, and modulation. The output section lets you adjust the pre-delay and use the Mix blend to set the ratio between dry and effect signal. In addition, a high and low pass filter are available.

All the parameters can be automated in the DAW and synchronization with host tempo is also provided. 13 presets are included in advance, the user interface is scalable, and the price seems quite right.

Flowsonics Intercosm – Price and availability

Flowsonics Intercosm works in VST and AU formats under macOS (10.12 or newer) and Windows 10. You can download a limited free demo version from the manufacturer’s website. For a short time, the plug-in will cost USD 19 instead of the regular USD 30.

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