Wavesfactory Quantum: smart transient shaper plug-in with 16 effects

Wavesfactory Quantum featuredThe competent use of modern transient shaper plug-ins brought larger-than-ever beats to mankind. If you are like me, you’d think bigger is always better when it comes to drums. But transient shapers are excellent tools for reducing the impact of hits as well. It’s not all war drums and trap 808s – sometimes the song calls for sparse one-shots. Whatever the case, Wavesfactory’s new Quantum plug-in looks like one rude boy of a transient shaper. It combines smart transient detection and editing with a collection of 16 effects – a no-holds-barred affair that can make or break your beats.

Wavesfactory Quantum transient shaper plug-in

Quantum’s detection algorithms split audio signals into attack and sustain components. That’s two paths, and each can be processed independently. Unlike most transient shapers, this one supposedly doesn’t need a threshold parameter, which means a lot less work setting it up on multiple different tracks.

Transient shaping is one thing, but mangling attack and release stages separately with creative effects is the stuff of audio occultism. Maybe think of Quantum as an effects processor that hits transients instead of dual- band frequency ranges. That ought to give you a hint at the possibilities.

The built-in 16 effects basically mirror any modern DAW’s bundled suite of creative plug-ins. One’d expect simplified variants of the typical dynamics, frequency, time, space, pitch and modulation fodder we know – but the effects in Quantum are full-blooded. They could exist as separate effects plug-ins on their own. That’s near-limitless processing potential.

Wavesfactory Quantum

Price and availability

Quantum is on an introductory sale for EUR 99, down from the regular EUR 149. A free demo version can be downloaded from Wavesfactory. The plug-in works under macOS (10.9 or later) and Windows (7 or later) in 64-bit AAX, AU, VST, and VST3 formats.

More information

Wavesfactory Quantum – Video

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