Superbooth 21: DOCtron IMC presents Martin Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain

Doctron IMCDOCtron IMC stands for “Martin Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain” and is practically the “secret weapon” in the Hamburg artist’s arsenal. For the first time, the assembly is available in a complete package format for everyone in good financial standing.

DOCtron IMC – Martin Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain

The mastering chain starts with a 2-band British EQ with low and high shelf filters. With one of the three red buttons on the side, you can switch it to bypass if necessary. Next up is a VCA bus compressor (SSL style) with an auto-release function and a switch for feed-backward and feed-forward compression style for the next section. Side-chain with return and send I/O is available as well.

According to Stimming, the most important part in the chain are the Lundahl output transformers with adjustable drive and gain reduction. That’s the stuff that makes audio sound expensive, so feel free to indulge. All of the unit’s inputs and outputs are designed for 6.35mm jacks. The only exception is the headphone output on mini jack.

Maintaining a completely analog signal path, the device weighs just 990 grams and measures 56 x 146 x 142.5mm. The housing is not beautiful, which – in the analog gear realm – usually indicates a robust and stage/tour-ready construction. In any case, the weight and dimensions are very convenient for touring artists.

Martin Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain should not only fare well in the studio, but also live. The compressor, filters, and transformers will surely add some ‘balls’ and sizzle to the signal. Predictably, it all comes at a cost.

Doctron IMC - rear
Doctron IMC - front

Price and availability

You can now order DOCtron IMC for the cool price of EUR 2799. Currently only orders from Europe are being accepted. The delivery time for the device, which is assembled by hand in Middle Franconia, is six to eight weeks.

If you are attending Superbooth 21, you can take a look at the hardware in person at Booth W240.

More information about DOCtron IMC


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