Superbooth 2021: 6m0d6 – TR-606 inspired drum module from Tubbutec and LPZW

6m0d66m0d6 is a relatively compact 5 channel percussion module that pulls heavily on the feel of the Roland TR-606 while taking it to completely new places.


This is quite a stunning collaboration between LPZW.modules and Tubbutec which brings the sounds of the TR-606 to life in Eurorack form and then opens them up for complete transformation. 6m0d6 replicates the original 606 circuits but then adds further parameters to massively widen the scope of the sound. If you want it to sound just like the original then you’ll find some very helpful markings on the front panel to set everything to. Otherwise, feel free to go to town on the knobs.

6m0d6 includes all seven TR-606 sounds including Bass Drum, Snare, Low and HighTom, Cymbal, Open and Closed Hi-hats. On the original, there was no scope for sound tweaking outside of level control and Accent. In the 6m0d6 everything is out on the table. You have Tuning and Decay on everything, Tone and Envelopes to play with, Noise sources to tweak, and other ideas like Metal Spread and Cymbal Pulse. Along with the white noise and Metal sound of the original you’ll find a third XOR ringmod source for the snare and cymbals. This is a regular adventure playground of a percussion module.

You get 8 trigger inputs including the Accent feeding into 5 separate outputs for the channels plus a mix output. There’s also an additional 8 CV inputs to control parameters. The knobs are packed in quite tight but I definitely appreciate the compact size of such a fully-featured drum module.

The 6m0d6 would match up perfectly with Tubbutec’s 6equencer module which is a drum machine also based on the TR-606. It’s available in both regular Eurorack 3U and a rather cool looking 1U version.

6m0d6 and 6equencer

6m0d6 and 6equencer

You’ll find LPZW.modules in booth Z270 and Tubbutex in booth Z255 at Superbooth.

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