Knobcon 2021: VCV previews VCV Rack 2 and includes VST plugin version

VCV Rack VSTVCV was at Knobcon showing the latest version of VCV Rack which includes a fabulous UI redesign, lots of enhancements and the option to run it as a VST plugin.

VCV Rack 2

VCV says it’s coming in November which is very exciting! We reported back in May about how the road to version 2 has not had the smoothest of development schedules but it looks like we’ve arrived.

The new version has a nicely polished user interface with better depth, colour and definition. There’s now a Dark Room mode to help with patching into the early hours. The browser has been improved which is great news because with all the thousands of modules you end up downloading the browser gets a bit overwhelming. You also get the ability to import and export, duplicate and randomise module selections.

VST Plugin

The community has been very vocal in their desire for a version that will run inside a DAW. It makes sense but VCV Rack was originally designed to be a standalone environment and cramming that into a VST framework takes a fair bit of development. But we’re there now which is amazing!

Structured Pricing

However, VCV is no longer going to give everything away for free and for all the work that’s been put in why should it? There will be a free Community Edition which is open source and includes all the features of the current version along with the V2 updates. But there’s now a VCV Rack Studio Edition which costs $99 and includes the VST plugin version and proper technical support. That sounds absolutely worth it to me.

VCV Drums

VCV also announced a new bunch of 9 drum modules covering the usual sort of 808 and 909 sounds based on VULT Technology emulations. It’s available as separate modules are as a combined drum machine with a mixed output which massively reduces the patching.

That’s all very exciting and I’m looking forward to November.

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