Dual Spring and Dynamic Plate: physical modeling reverb plug-ins get a full makeover

Dual Spring and Dynamic Reverb plug-insDeveloper Physical Audio bets big on physical modeling for its audio effects plug-ins. Among them are a pair of reverbs – Dual Spring and Dynamic Plate – both solid recreations of reverbant hardware using algorithms (and a bit of dark magic). With version 3.1, they emerge in new form – rewritten from scratch, incorporating a brand new Physical Audio Optimisation Engine with models running in real-time.

Dual Spring and Dynamic Plate Reverb plug-ins

Long out of production, spring and plate reverbs only exist in vintage equipment listings and plug-in folders. Thankfully, the sound is on point with the latter. As their names suggest, Dual Spring homes in on vibrating springs and Dynamic Plate handles mechanical plates.

Dual Spring models two independent springs that are independently configured. Both have controls for echo time and chirp cutoff frequency, with the possibility to spread out chirps over time. Global controls let you dial in the ‘boing’ level, damping, and tone. A 7-band EQ is there for getting surgical while a Mix fader lets you blend the sounds of the two springs to taste. Physical Audio’s mathematical model of spring vibration combines physical properties such as length, wire radius, pitch angle and wave propagation into a dynamically updated modeling system.

Dual Spring reverb

Physical Audio Dual Spring reverb

Likewise, Dynamic Plate models a metal plate along with five different plate materials (steel, silver, gold, copper, aluminum), preamp saturation, and 8-band EQ. That’s plenty of tonal variety packed into a plate reverb, especially considering the real-time controls at disposal. These include plate dimensions, Decay, preamp drive, stereo spread, and pre-delay. The physical model is based on the Kirchhoff plate equation which describes displacement in terms of size, thickness, tension, and material properties.

Dynamic Plate reverb

Physical Audio Dynamic Plate reverb

While physical modeling is traditionally CPU-intensive, Physical Audio’s optimisations result in less of 10% usage per CPU core, which sounds pretty manageable.

Price and availability

Normally priced USD 130, the Dual Spring and Dynamic Plate plug-ins are on a launch sale for USD 91.20 each (30% off). Free demo versions are provided for both. The plug-ins work in AU, VST3, and AAX formats under Windows 10 and macOS.

More information

Dual Spring and Dynamic Plate Reverb Videos

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