Tone2 Saurus 3: analog emulation synth scores an update

Tone2 Saurus 3Saurus 3.0 brings this mighty analog software emulation bang up to date with an enhanced GUI, randomisation, microtuning, and more sounds.

Saurus 3.0

Saurus is your classic virtual analog software synth that’s been getting a bit long in the tooth. It’s designed to cover all the ground you’d find on any analog mono or polysynth with a pair of oscillators, sub oscillators, noise, filters, LFOs, and envelopes. You really can’t go wrong and it’s been knocking around for 6 years since the last update.

Most of the improvements are to be found in the look and feel of the interface. Updated to reflect the high definition screens and fonts computer use these days you now get 4 sizes of GUI and better text. They’ve added handy tooltips for a bit of mouse-hovering information and the browser has been improved in a number of places.

Other under-the-hood improvements include reworking the effects to improve the reverb and replace the chorus with a better one. The noise is smoother and the sound quality is better thanks to improved sample rates. The oscillators have also undergone a bit of retuning and they’ve dropped 32-bit plugin support.

The presets have all been reworked as well and now total over 1,000 which is a bit of a stretch over the original 200. All great stuff and all the sounds are available in the demo version if you want to try them out.

The update is free to existing owners or €59 if you are new to this synth. Available for macOS and Windows.

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This ancient video seems to be the one they are still using on the product page – I think they need to try a little bit harder to get us excited about the new version.

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