Reason Studios releases Reason 12 with new Mimic Creative Sampler

Reason Studios Reason 12The day is finally here: Reason Studios has released Reason 12. The latest version of the popular DAW comes with many improvements, including the all-new Mimic Creative Sampler, an updated Combinator and new high-resolution graphics. Here’s what’s new.

Reason Studios Reason 12

Ever since Reason Studios announced that Reason 12 would be released on September 1 back in May, fans of the Swedish DAW have been counting the days. And today is the day: Reason 12 is finally ready to download.

Reason 12 Mimic Creative Sampler

The new sampling instrument in Reason 12

We already knew that Reason 12 would include a new sampler, and details about the new Mimic Creative Sampler emerged a few weeks ago. The developer says that Mimic was designed to make working with samples as creative and fun as it should be. For this, they’ve combined Reason’s time stretching and beat slicing capabilities with a granular engine. With four sampling modes (Pitch, Slice, Multi Slot and Multi Pitch), Mimic lends itself not only to beat slicing, but also makes it easy to create multisamples. It’s got a very “synthy” layout with direct access to the sample parameters, filter, envelopes and LFO, so it should be loads of fun to play with and get creative.

Reason 12 Rack

Reason 12 Rack as a plug-in in another DAW

Another important update in Reason 12 is the new high-resolution graphics engine. The entire Reason Rack, including all 3rd-party extensions, now automatically adapts to the screen resolution and lets you zoom around at will. That’s awesome news indeed!

The new Mimic Creative Sampler and the high-res graphics alone would make this a very nice update. But there’s more: The Combinator has also been updated with macros and a new panel editor, which makes it easy to create custom interfaces. Less glamorous, but no less important is the updated browser, which now displays search results instantly, Reason Studios says.

Prices and compatibility

Reason 12 is now available for download. The software is no longer sold in a boxed version. The prices are:

  • Full license: €349
  • Upgrade from all previous versions: €129
  • Upgrade from Reason Intro, Limited, Essential: €269
  • Reason+ (12 month prepaid subscription): €199

If you bought Reason 11 on or after May 1, 2021, you’re eligible for a free upgrade to Reason 12.

The software requires macOS 10.11 or higher or Windows 10 or higher (64 bit).

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