Emulation II+: More 80s sophistication than a permed mullet

UVI Emulation II+Emulation II+ pulls in the sounds of the iconic 80s Emulator I, II and III samplers plus the Drumlator and SP12 for a massive Babycham and Snakebite party.

Emulation II+

UVI has got their sampling mitts into a bunch of Emu samplers from when these were huge and chunky machines that would drip with coolness on the golden era stages of Top-of-the-Pops. These were on everything and if you need reminding then soak up this fabulous demo that somehow surfs the edge of copyright with an extraordinary level of genius.

So, what do you get? Well in the bundle you get 4 instruments with over 1,300 presets, 270 multis, 800 layers, and 2400 drums. From the original Emulator you have that classic 8-bit lo-fi sound where they’ve sampled a whole library of original floppy disks. In Emulator II they’ve mixed in the Oberheim DPX-1 and officially licensed OMI libraries “Universe of Sounds” volumes 1 & 2. Every sound’s a winner baby. For the Emulator III we get into high fidelity sound with 240 layers of licensed content sampled directly from the hardware.

Here are some more sounds.

UVI has included a “Common Architecture” section which makes for easy editing of envelopes, filters and effects so that you’re not having to learn the different features of each instrument.


In the drum section, you’ve got 2400 drum sounds and 210 preset kits to explore and contains elements from all the Emulators and the Drumulator. They’ve also included a full set of original sounds from the SP12. Inside the instrument is an 8-part drum machine with pan, pitch, decay, drive, filters, reverbs and delays. Patterns can be dragged into your DAW. You want more sound examples? Here you go:


The UVI Multi-engine gives you the drums plus 4 slots for any of the Emulation instruments to build your ultimate 80s multi-mega-patch. It has a built-in phraser and arpeggiator, you can stack or split layers, add amps and filters and effects – this thing is amazing.

You want more sounds, I can tell.

Emulation II+ is a beautiful thing that is packed full of nostalgia and yet could find itself as a new source of inspiration through the way you can bring it all together. The UVI front end adds just enough editing and tweaking to keep things interesting and you’re unlikely to run out of sounds to play with any time soon.

Emulation II+ is available now for the free UVI Workstation host for macOS and Windows and runs standalone or as an AAX or VST plugin.

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