United Plugins Urban Puncher: The ultimate one-knob drum fattener?

United Plugins Urban PuncherUnited Plugins has released Urban Puncher. With just a few simple controls, Urban Puncher adds punch and body to drums and percussive sounds. If you’re looking for a simple tool for fat, solid drums, this one could be just what you need.

United Plugins Urban Puncher

United Plugins says that Urban Puncher does just that: it gives a “punch” to drums and percussive material. It’s meant to be a quick and simple drum improvement tool, mostly for producers of urban music. If you’re into hip hop, R&B, trap or any punchy modern style, this plug-in is for you.

That said, United Plugins doesn’t tell us exactly what Urban Puncher does. There’s a single large knob labeled “Punch” and decorated with a fist, so that tells you all you need to know. I think it’s safe to assume that beneath the surface lies some kind of combination of dynamic processing and transient treatment, but those are minor details that United Plugins doesn’t want to bother you with.

Saturation and Destroy mode

Next to the Punch knob is a saturation section with an “analogue-like transformer/tube blended emulation”. Use this to dial in gentle analog warmth or stronger overdrive for “real street sounds”, in the developer’s words. It’s accompanied by a button that activates Destroy mode, which triples the saturation value for heavily distorted sounds.

There’s also a wet/dry mix knob, so you can blend in just the right amount of the effect, as well as an output level control and input/output meters.

With its limited number of controls, Urban Puncher follows a similar philosophy as other one-knob improvement tools like W.A. Production Biggifier or the UJAM Finisher series. So it’s going to be hit or miss: You either like the algorithm, or you don’t. But with the 15-day free trial version and low introductory price, it’s easy to find out for yourself what Urban Puncher can do for your drums.

Price and compatibility

Urban Puncher is now available for €19. That’s almost 70% off the regular price of €59. The introductory offer is good until September 20.

The plug-in runs on macOS and Windows in AU, AAX, VST and VST3 formats.

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