LaBassa: Unique fretless bass sampled for a good cause

SampleMi LaBassaLaBassa is a Kontakt based sampled instrument from SampleMi taken from a custom made electric fretless bass that’s available for a donation to charity.


The idea came about after bass player and composer Michele Tacchi injured his back and decided that part of the problem was the weight of his bass guitar. He designed and built a “peculiar” custom fretless based modelled after his main Fender Precision Bass with contributions from luthiers Jack Gornati, Giuseppe Lamperti and Marco Bartoccioni, and electrician Maurizio Belloli. The artwork was provided by Italian artist Valeria Demolli.

The new bass sounded so great that Michele thought it would be interesting to capture its unique sound in a multi-sampled instrument that anyone could enjoy, and so with the help of sound engineer Francesco Vocaturo and graphic designer Stefan Belloli, Labassa was born and SampleMi was formed.

LaBassa features more than 2000 samples, taking up 2.25GB of space. There are 4 dynamic layers, 4 Round Robins and 5 articulations including Sustain, Staccato, Natural Harmonics, Palm Muted and Legato. The interface could not be simpler which offering a little bit of control over the envelope and tuning. They say that more articulations will follow.

The instrument runs in the free version of the Kontakt Player you can pick it up for small or generous donation to charity. You can do this directly on the website funnelling funds to ShareTheMeal food assistance, Emergency healthcare in war and poverty-stricken places, and Help Musicians crisis charity. You are also welcome to donate elsewhere and send SampleMi the proof of your donation to get LaBassa that way. It’s a really nice idea although I’m not sure how they are going to fund future development but maybe they have other sampled instruments up their sleeve.

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