Behold, the Roland 808 Bomber Jacket

Roland 808 Day 2021Not sure how to celebrate 808 day? Why not crank your lifestyle up a gear with this limited edition 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jacket. Oh, and test drive the TR-808 plugin for free.

808 Day

The 8th of August is 808 Day and it always comes along with a faint expectation of something awesomely related to the iconic Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine. This year Roland Lifestyle has pulled out all the stops with a new Limited Edition 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jacket. It’s shiny, black and makes full use of those classic 808 button colours.

808 Bomber Spin

808 Bomber Spin

Before you get too excited it’s important to understand that this is an extremely exclusive and limited edition jacket of which they are only making 88. You’re probably wondering how much such a premium product will be? Come on, you can guess the price….. that’s right, it’s $808.

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, the unique handmade jackets feature rich satin and heavy embroidery with TR-808 inspired elements. Only 88 of the custom jackets will be available to purchase, and each will be numbered for authenticity.

If you fancy getting your hands on one you’ll need to be checking the Roland Lifestyle website when it opens on the 8th August at 8:08 am PDT, which is 4:08pm in the UK. Good luck.

TR-808 – free for a month

And while you’re sitting back in your luxurious new jacket (or wishing you were) why not check out the software version of the Roland TR-808 which is free to use for the month of August. All you need is a free RolandCloud account and you can enjoy the boom, snap and sizzle of the most classic of classic analogue drum machines modelled with Roland’s Analog Circuit Behaviour technology.

Roland TR-808 VST

Roland TR-808 VST

The TR-808 plugin is a really cool software drum machine. It remains faithful to the original in terms of sound and interface but also expands the sequencing giving you 8 variations on each pattern and the ability to see all the tracks together. It also has adjustable flams and sub-steps so you can create detailed fills and ratcheting sequences along with individual track timings and shuffle settings.

All your patterns can be dragged into your DAW as MIDI or mixed into audio clips. Well worth trying it out if you’ve never had a go before.

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