Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop: Classic stop and start effects for your DAW

Yum Audio LoFi TapestopYum Audio presents LoFi Tapestop, the next plug-in of the LoFi Series. LoFi Tapestop puts the classic tape stop and start effects at your fingertips, along with some extra goodies like dust, flux and muffle.

Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop

New developer Yum Audio came on the scene in June with its first four plug-ins, two of which kicked off the LoFi Series. LoFi Tapestop is the next release in the series, and once again, it’s all about the tasteful imperfections that everybody loves about vintage recording gear.

As you might have guessed, LoFi Tapestop produces the effect that occurs when a tape recorder is stopped or started. You can trigger and retrigger the effect using the play and stop buttons. The start and stop times can be adjusted independently, with beat-synced and time-based options available.

On the right side, the plug-in offers some additional options for extra-tasty slowdowns and spinups. The Flux slider introduces some pitch warble and other errors reminiscent of an older machine with less-than-perfect tape. There’s also a Muffle slider, which is essentially a low pass filter tied to the tape speed effect. The slower the speed, the more muffled the sound. Dust adds more noise and fuzz for extra lo-fi vibes. Finally, there’s a Shape switch that lets you toggle between linear and curved play and stop curves.

LoFi Tapestop looks like a nicely designed plug-in and a quick and easy way to add those classic tape stop and start effects to your tracks. It’s also a great addition to the developer’s other lo-fi effects, and there’s an attractive bundle offer. That said, it faces strong competition from plug-ins like Bleass Slow Machine, AudioThing Reels and others, some of which offer additional features at a lower price.

Price and compatibility

Yum Audio LoFi Tapestop is now available for €75. Unfortunately, there’s no introductory discount, but you can download and try the plug-in for free for 14 days. LoFi Tapestop is also part of the Yum Audio LoFi Bundle, which gets you all three of their LoFi series effects for €149.

The plug-in requires Windows 10 or higher or macOS 10.11 or higher. It’s available in AAX, AU and VST3 versions.

More information about LoFi Tapestop


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Brexit: UK musicians get visa-free travel to EU, but there’s a catch…

UK musicians brexit touring EU EuropeThe UK government has announced that visa-free travel for musicians has been secured for 19 EU member countries. It’s a positive step, post-Brexit, but it turns out there are still considerable issues that need to be resolved.

BREXIT: A Touring Musician’s Nightmare

Yes, sorry, we have to mention the Brexit word. Undoubtedly, it’s a topic that’s caused all of us as touring musicians a great deal of concern. On the 31st of January, the UK left the EU and as a consequence, the UK forfeited many benefits that were afforded us as touring artists.

Clearly, if you’re a European touring musician holding a European passport, then you’ll have benefited from travelling border and visa-free between EU nations. Additionally, if you tour for a living you’ll have benefited from the right to work and settle between EU nations.

Another aspect you may not have considered is that of the transportation and sale of goods. We all benefit from being able to sell merchandise to fans. Furthermore, you could move equipment and tools of your trade without the need for carnets.


Visa-Free Travel Re-Instated

Now, obviously, as soon as the UK left the EU, all of that changed. It’s a situation that’s left us all wondering what’s going on. Some of the biggest names in the industry, including Sir Elton John, vocally lobbied for the UK government to come up with a solution.

On August 4th the UK Government Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) announced that:

performers don’t need visas or work permits for short-term tours in 19 EU Member States including France, Germany and Italy.

So that’s all great news then, yes? Can we just go back to touring in the EU as we did before Brexit? Well, unfortunately, no, we can’t! This announcement only pertains to visas and work permits. It also doesn’t cover other important issues you should be concerned about, such as carnets and transportation.

One-Third of EU Countries not Covered

Under current negotiations, 19 EU member states have agreed to some form of visa-free travel. Importantly though, that means you’re still excluded from travelling visa-free into one-third of EU member states. Importantly, if you’re hoping to travel into Europe “Visa Free” under a UK passport, the conditions of your visa-free travel will differ from state to state.

We understand that currently, the length of time you’ll be able to stay in the negotiated state zones will vary dramatically. In some states you can stay up to 90 days; in other states, you’ll only be able to stay up to seven days in any one year. Are you confused yet? Yeah, us too…

Furthermore, we understand you’ll still encounter significant issues if you’re driving a splitter van into Europe. And let’s be honest, who of us doesn’t tour in a splitter van nowadays? Under current regulations, there’s a ban on UK vehicles doing more than three stops on an EU tour. Your splitter van is also currently illegal under the Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

I’m happy to admit that, probably like you, my background is in music and engineering, not politics or international law. And it seems you’d have to agree that right now that politics are threatening to wreck our industry. I’d like to call on the UK Government and the EU to work on a solution that allows us all to get back to work as soon as possible.

Are you a UK musician planning a tour of the EU in 2021? What are your concerns? Let us know in the comments below.

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Slate Digital Announces Aurora FREE LoFi Sample Pack (Waiting List)

Slate Digital Aurora

Slate Digital offers their new sample pack Aurora for FREE starting August 11th, but you can sign up for the waitlist now. Who doesn’t love Slate Digital? Slate Analog, presumably. While everyone knows about Steven Slate Drums, Slate Digital is an entirely different beast. They’re most well-known for their series of mixing and mastering analog-modeled […]

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Behold, the Roland 808 Bomber Jacket

Roland 808 Day 2021Not sure how to celebrate 808 day? Why not crank your lifestyle up a gear with this limited edition 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jacket. Oh, and test drive the TR-808 plugin for free.

808 Day

The 8th of August is 808 Day and it always comes along with a faint expectation of something awesomely related to the iconic Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine. This year Roland Lifestyle has pulled out all the stops with a new Limited Edition 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jacket. It’s shiny, black and makes full use of those classic 808 button colours.

808 Bomber Spin

808 Bomber Spin

Before you get too excited it’s important to understand that this is an extremely exclusive and limited edition jacket of which they are only making 88. You’re probably wondering how much such a premium product will be? Come on, you can guess the price….. that’s right, it’s $808.

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, the unique handmade jackets feature rich satin and heavy embroidery with TR-808 inspired elements. Only 88 of the custom jackets will be available to purchase, and each will be numbered for authenticity.

If you fancy getting your hands on one you’ll need to be checking the Roland Lifestyle website when it opens on the 8th August at 8:08 am PDT, which is 4:08pm in the UK. Good luck.

TR-808 – free for a month

And while you’re sitting back in your luxurious new jacket (or wishing you were) why not check out the software version of the Roland TR-808 which is free to use for the month of August. All you need is a free RolandCloud account and you can enjoy the boom, snap and sizzle of the most classic of classic analogue drum machines modelled with Roland’s Analog Circuit Behaviour technology.

Roland TR-808 VST

Roland TR-808 VST

The TR-808 plugin is a really cool software drum machine. It remains faithful to the original in terms of sound and interface but also expands the sequencing giving you 8 variations on each pattern and the ability to see all the tracks together. It also has adjustable flams and sub-steps so you can create detailed fills and ratcheting sequences along with individual track timings and shuffle settings.

All your patterns can be dragged into your DAW as MIDI or mixed into audio clips. Well worth trying it out if you’ve never had a go before.

More information from Roland

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