New Gear Drop update from Positive Grid for its Spark desktop amp

Positive Grid Gear Drop firmware updateThe Gear Drop firmware update from Positive Grid adds three more amps and three effects pedals to the popular Spark desktop amp. And it’s free for all Spark users!

Positive Grid Spark Gear Drop

Positive Grid has just announced a firmware and app update for its Spark desktop amp. Called Gear Drop, it adds three new amp models and three new virtual stompboxes to the already well catered for system.

The Amps

You get the ODS 50, inspired by the highly sought after boutique Dumble ODS 50 HRM ampllifier. The Blues Boy is based on the popular Fender Blues Junior tube combo and, finally, the new Insane 6508, a high-gain amp based on the Peavey 6505.

Positive Grid ODS 50
Positive Grid Blues Boy
Positive Grid Insane 6508

The Effects

The three new effects pedals include the Clone Drive, based on a boutique ’90s Klon Centaur Overdrive pedal, and the Guitar EQ and Bass EQ, both of which are based on granular-level frequency spectrum controllers.


The Gear Drop firmware update is available now for free from Positive Grid’s support page. You can hear the new amps and effects in the official demo video below, along with details on how to update your Spark amp.

It’s always nice to get new amps and effects to play with, especially when they come for free! Just make sure you back up any of your favourite presets before you undertake this firmware update. I would suggest you also watch the ‘how to’ at the end of this video, as it covers everything you need to do.

More Information on Positive Grid

Gear Drop Demo Video

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