Modal Electronics updates ARGON8 range to V2.4

Modal Argon8 rangeA new firmware update for the ARGON8 range of wavetable synthesizers also brings volume 2 of Modal Electronics ARGON Factory Library.


The ARGON8 is a neat and tidy wavetable synthesizer with a lot of great hands-on control, modulation and wavetable morphing. It has 32 wavetable modifiers running through 4 morphable filter types and a well-featured stereo effects engine. It has 2 LFOs, 3 envelopes and a 12-slot modulation matrix to keep everything moving. The keyboard versions offer great polyphonic aftertouch and they are all MPE compatible with a suitable controller or compatible DAW.

The new update brings in some more LFO synced divisions and improves the LFO1 sync when clocked from external MIDI. The oscillator Drift has been extended in the upper range and the expression pedal behaviour has been improved. MIDI clock now comes out as a Master clock source, the arpeggiator sync now works better with external sequencers and they’ve improved MIDI reliability on macOS Big Sur. All of these are helpful improvements.

However, what Modal are really excited about is the new Volume 2 of the Factory Preset Library. The new set of sounds contains 300 new presets plus an upgrade to 100 of the existing presets to make them MPE-ready for more expressive playing. The presets cover all sorts of styles, genres and tastes from basslines to leads, pads to soundscapes and even some world music inspired sounds.

The V2.4 update is free to all ARGON8 users.

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