G-Storm Electro SH5-VCF captures the Roland dual filter

G-Storm SH5-VCFG-Storm Electro has worked on a lot of classic circuits and will soon be releasing the SH5-VCF based on the Roland SH-5 dual multi-mode and bandpass filter.


This 16HP Eurorack module features both of the filters from the Roland SH-5 synthesizer. On one side you have a multimode voltage-controlled filter (VCF) with a switchable lowpass, bandpass and highpass option. True to the synthesizer it has sliders for the cutoff frequency and resonance level. There are attenuation controls for two CV inputs and the Keyboard input to get it filtering along with your playing or gating. The Bandpass Filter (BPF) has knob control over centre frequency and resonance with the same CV controls and an additional control for output level. The BPF has its own output.

The bottom mixer and routing section is quite interesting because the SH-5 had a lot of options when taking the oscillators to the filters and this seems to reflect that. You have four inputs, each with level control and a routing switch to take it through the VCF, the BPF or both.

The SH5-VCF looks great and should be out in August. I don’t have a price yet but all of G-Storms modules are reasonably priced and sold via a Reverb store.

It’s interesting how this comes out at the same time as Behringer are dangling the MS-5 at us. G-Storm has been directly affected by Behringer’s move into Eurorack. With Behringer’s recent announcement of the 2600-VCO module, G-Storm posted that they have decided to discontinue their ARP based 4027 VCO as well as their Tonus VCF in anticipation of Behringer also releasing the 2600 filter. It’s difficult when a type of product becomes more mainstream and a large manufacturer can take these boutique ideas and produce them at a fraction of the cost. However, I was impressed by G-Storms philosophical approach and hope they’ll continue to make fantastic modules:

On the bright side, this will free me up to develop new and exciting designs. If all goes well I have an absolutely fantastic module that should be announced in a couple of weeks. Very excited for that one, my expectations have been greatly exceeded thus far. I think you’ll be pleased as well.

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